5 Reasons to Keep it to Two Drinks Max

Keep it to two drinks max on your next date.

For many, drinking on a date is the best way to relax, take the edge off, and keep the conversation going. But, overdoing it can have negative consequences on your dating life. Here are 5 reasons to keep it to two drinks—max.

  1. Being a sloppy mess isn’t fun for anyone. There’s a fine line between being the most fun person in the room and being the one everyone wishes would just go home already. If you have a low tolerance, and even two drinks is pushing it for you, then stick with just one, and sip slowly.
  1. It could make your date uncomfortable. Just because you can drink four martinis and stay sober, your date might be feeling tipsy halfway into a light beer. Keep your drinks to a minimum so your date is focused more on the conversation instead of your ability to throwback cocktails.
  1. You might say/do something you shouldn’t. Getting intoxicated and explaining your true feelings can nip the beginnings of chemistry faster than the speed of light.
  1. Slurring is never sexy.  Slurred words are always impossible to understand and are NEVER attractive. Your first date is all about making a great first impression, and slurring definitely won’t do that.
  1. You’ll feel embarrassed the next morning. Although it’s not scientifically proven, the majority of people do something to make themselves look absolutely ridiculous when they’ve had one too many. Regret and a hangover is a combination you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, so stick two to drinks, then switch to water.







Amanda Chatel

Freelance Writer

Amanda is a writer who divides her time between NYC and Paris. She’s a regular contributor to Glamour, Bolde, Livingly, and Mic. Other bylines include: Harper’s Bazaar, The Atlantic, Forbes, Elle, Huffington Post, The Frisky, and BlackBook. Her greatest dream is to win a cheesecake eating contest while holding a baby panda.

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