All the Reasons Why Dating in Your 40s is the Best

Couple discovering dating in their 40s

Dating isn’t just a young person’s game. Dating is a journey and it’s different for everyone. Sure, dating in your 40s means you’re not making out under the bleachers anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have fun. And experience.

Here’s why dating in your 40s is the absolute best. 

You’re More Empathetic

You’ve been through some things. You’ve had some heartbreaks, a few stories, and a few learning experiences. And not just in dating. Work and family issues have a play in your maturity as well.

Whatever the case, you get it. You’ve learned how the world works and can meet people where they’re at in life. They can be more honest, and you both can have deeper conversations. And if they need a shoulder to cry on, they know they can count on you. 

You Know What You Can Put Up With (And What You Can’t)

By the time you reach 40, you’ve probably seen your fair share. Some of those relationships were probably great. Others, not so much You can tell miscommunication and frustration from real, deeper issues. In other words, you know when to call BS. Your partner is controlling? BS. You can’t get a word in? BS. 

You’re at a point in your life when you feel more confident in your ability to define what you want a relationship to be. And you know that you have the power to walk away if it’s not what you need it to be.

You’re Straight up About What You Want

If you’re 40 and want kids or a spouse, you can say that. Relationships are about compromise, but finding a good relationship partner is about being with someone who agrees on the non-negotiables. Age means understanding yourself. You know what you want from your partner. And people you date know what they want as well.

Confidence Comes With Age

Remember in your 20s, it took all your friends to convince you to message that guy? Well, you’ve done that already. Many times, probably. So now, the fear is gone. If you want to talk to somebody, you do it. You want to ask somebody to be serious, casual, or anything in between, you just do.

Rejection sucks, but when you’ve been rejected many times you learn to recover more quickly. You know the secret is just getting back on the horse. You also know rejection doesn’t mean anything other than that person said no. 

You Have Better Taste

In your 20s, you put up with a lot more trash than you do now. You thought negging was cute or all guys use picked up lines. Now, you know better. When someone is nice, down-to-earth, and fun, you know they’re a good pick. 

If someone’s an ass, you don’t give them the time of day. You don’t waste energy trying to convince anyone you’re cool. 

All ages present dating difficulties. I won’t lie to you about that. And dating at every age is also fun. That said, nobody likes BS. And that is why dating in your 40s is the best.

Jacqueline Gualtieri

Freelance Writer

Jacqueline Gualtieri is a writer and blogger whose best friend once told her to quit her job and become a couples and sex therapist. Since she’d miss writing too much, she figured writing for The Date Mix would be the next best thing.

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