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6 Reasons Weddings are the Perfect Place to Meet Someone

A guest at a wedding holding her glass of water looking around the room for someone to flirt with.

It’s a known fact that weddings are a fantastic place to meet a new love interest. Whether you’re looking for a flirtation, a kiss, a one night stand, a relationship, or a husband or wife of your own—weddings have you covered.

But what is it about weddings that gets us firing on all cylinders? What are the hidden factors that so dramatically raise the odds of us getting lucky? And if we can determine what these are, what’s stopping us replicating them in our everyday lives, to help us find the person of our dreams?

Here are six reasons why weddings can be the ideal place to meet someone:

They’re all about having fun.
In adult life, it’s extremely rare to get a consecutive stretch of time where you have nothing to plan, accomplish, or worry about. Even on vacation, you generally have to organize where the next meal is coming from.

At a wedding, once you make it to the venue, and assuming you’re not part of the wedding party, the one and only thing you need to focus on is having a good time. It’s a stress-free break from daily pressures, where we truly get to live in the moment—which makes it the perfect place to get to know new people.

When we’re the utmost carefree and fun versions of ourselves, we like ourselves better. We’re more confident, open, and flirtatious, which makes us instantly more attractive to others.

It’s easier to approach people and start a conversation.
Think of the hundreds of times you’ve stood next to someone you were attracted to in the elevator, at the bus stop, or in line at Starbucks. You were dying to talk to them, but couldn’t muster the courage. Every opening line seemed pathetic, and before you knew it, the moment passed and the love of your life strolled away, never to be seen again.

At a wedding, you don’t have that problem. Conversation starters are plentiful, and welcome. Try one of these ice breakers:

“What did you think of the ceremony?”

“How do you know the groom?”

“Do you know when we eat?”

“Are you here alone?”

You’re with a group of people your friends have vouched for.
Weddings are like a finely curated, exclusive matchmaking event—every member of the crowd has been hand-selected to attend. You’ll be lucky enough to share a table, and later a dance floor, with a bunch of people who are ripe for the picking.

Also, because everybody is loosely a friend of a friend, there’s usually someone you can ask to get the low down on whoever it is that tickles your fancy, allowing for even more in depth screening.

It’s a party!
Ok, so drinking is by no means mandatory for snagging a soulmate at a wedding, but it can help. Bubbles make everything better, and there’s nothing like a free-flowing bar to trigger free-flowing everything else. Alcohol sends the spirits high and the barriers low.

Plus, getting a drink with someone at a wedding is basically a first date, but free. And wedding bars are the perfect place to hit on a handsome stranger.

Everyone looks good, including you.
The time and effort we spend getting ready for a wedding is immense. Essentially, you’ve never looked, felt, or smelt better, and the bathroom goodies usually on offer, from deodorant to dry shampoo, keep you fresh throughout the evening. You’re beyond date ready.

Love is in the air.
There’s nothing like watching two people pledge eternity to each other to remind you of the important things in life: meaningful relationships and shared experiences. Weddings prompt you to step back and assess your current status and priorities.

So what can you learn from weddings that can carry over to meeting someone in the rest of your life?

– Always say yes to organized fun such as trips, parties, or events, where you can forget your worries for a few hours, and have a great excuse to strike up conversation with a cutey.

– Feel good about how you present yourself to the outside wold. It will only do great things for your confidence and love life.

– Take a little time each month to think about the big-picture and determine if you need to up the ante with dating.

– Say ‘I do’ to as many wedding invitations as possible, and before you know it you’ll be saying ‘I do’ at your own…

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