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7 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out: The Creative, Silly, & More

A man who found cute ways to ask a girl out, handing a girl flowers before seeing if she'll go on a date with him.

Asking your crush out is nothing less than extremely intimidating. It can be very difficult to overcome your own anxieties—What if she says no? What if she doesn’t like me back?—while trying to stand out in a crowd. If you like this girl, she’s worth the risk. And furthermore, if you like her, she’s worth being asked out in a way that differentiates you, and in turn her, from the rest.

Here are a few fun and creative ways to ask a girl out, rather than simply sending off a text message.

Ask her out in person.
It may not seem creative, but these days, being asked out in person can feel mighty special. In the regular routine of instagram messages, tweets, Facebook posts, text messages, snapchat videos, multiple dating apps, and email, doing anything in person stands out as memorable. If you want to ask her out, go back to the basics and simply ask her in person. Better yet, don’t be coy. Ask her directly. “I really like you and would like to take you to dinner. Are you free this Friday night?” It may not feel creative, but it’s guaranteed to be different than the last few times she’s been asked out.

Incorporate something she loves.
You don’t have to go full “promposal” to ask someone on a date, but a personalized touch is always a nice feature. Does she love the TV show Friends? Ask her out the same way Ross asks Rachel out in the first episode. Is she a huge book reader? Ask her to attend the latest arts and reading lecture in your city together. Big foodie? Take her to whatever restaurant or bar is opening up this weekend to play food critic together. Whatever she likes, work it into your first date and you are sure to strike a really good chord with her.

Use the weather.
Is it snowing outside? Great. Why not write a quick “Go out with me?” in the snow while you two are outside frolicking. Not only is it adorable, it’s sure to get her to smile (and maybe say yes!) The same cute idea can be applied to sand in the spring or summer. If it’s raining, you may have to get more creative, but the gesture can still be made. Instead of writing something on the ground, ask her while you are sharing an umbrella at your bus stop or walking to a favorite coffee shop together.

Bake her cookies.
Have you ever received “will you go out with me” cookies? Chances are, she hasn’t either. There’s nothing sweeter than a cookie, so why not use them to sweeten the deal. Find out her favorite kind of cookie, bake them (or have them delivered/ordered if you aren’t a Martha Stewart type). The gesture is creative and memorable.

Utilize your excellent ability to be punny.
Are you funny? Love a good pun? Use your own personal strengths to ask her out. Make a good joke—preferably in person—and she may be even more inclined to say yes. “You belong in a museum because you’re a true work of art. Would you come check out the latest exhibit with me this weekend?”

Use those cute little emojis.
Though in person is always preferable, being asked to decipher a series of emojis can be really fun and playful. Send her a series of emojis that she has to decode. The result will, of course, be you asking her on a date, but you have a lot of creative wiggle room here. You can do a phonetic line of emojis resulting in “will you go out with me” or you can use emojis that represent the two of you + dinner, or a concert, or a theater performance, or a movie. Once she figures it out, you will have your answer.

“Propose” a date.
Grab a cute, cheap-y gumball type of a ring, get down on one knee, and ask her to go to dinner with you this weekend. The gesture will feel big and ridiculous without being too over-the-top at all. It will almost certainly get a laugh, but even more importantly, a yes! (Hopefully!)

The most important thing to keep in mind before you ask someone out on a date is that you have a pretty good idea that she will say yes. These ideas are cute and creative, but will fall short if you are exerting yourself into the life of someone who has made it clear that she is not interested in dating (you or anyone in particular). If you are well-acquainted, or have built a rapport in some way, feel free to take it to the next level. 

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