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How to Ask a Girl Out: Examples of Exactly What to Say

Approaching a woman you’re interested in and taking the step to actually ask her out on a date can be a daunting task. Often, you’re so caught up in talking and things are going well but it’s hard to steer the conversation in the right direction. To help you do it right, Marni from The Wing Girl Method has a few tips on how to ask a girl out and examples to show you exactly what to say.

Video Transcript:
Hey daters, I made this video just for you. My name is Marni, owner of The Wing Girl Method, and from here on out, I am going to be your very own personal wing girl, which means it’s my job to explain women to you and breakdown all the frustrating, confusing, and mind-boggling things that we do. And, I’ll also tell you what to do to get the women you want using my insider resources.

Today, I wanted to answer a question that I got from Daniel about asking a girl out. Daniel writes…

Marni, there’s this girl that I’ve been chatting with online for about a month now, how do I move things to the next level and ask her out? And, are there ways that I could do it that could backfire on me? Any help you could give would be great. Thank you, Wing Girl. 

Daniel, I’m going to answer the second part of that question first. Are there ways that you could ask her out that could totally backfire on you? The answer is yes, and I’m sure that you’re doing what I’m talking about right now. The wrong way to do it is to not do it at all, and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Do you know what’s going to happen with this little pen pal of yours? She’s going to get frustrated that you haven’t pulled the trigger yet and start wondering things like, “Is he gay? Does he not like me? Is he fresh off of a breakup and just wants distractions?” Then, she’s going to start pulling away and putting her eggs into other baskets, where there’s actual potential to start cooking and making some good omelets. Instead of ending up with a dry, weathered-up rotten egg like you. You are currently committing the number 1 cardinal online sin: You’re not moving the virtual connection to the real world. And therefore, it’s always going to remain in this world. Good thing is, you still have time to save it. She’s still talking to you and hoping things will progress. So next time you message her, make sure that something within that message resembles an invite to finally meet in-person.

Now, for the second question—How do you ask her out?
Well, there are a few ways. There’s cute, direct, assertive, confident… Okay, there are a lot more than a few ways. But, at the core of every invite, you must be specific, clear with your intent, and confident in your request. Here are a few ways that you could do it..

Example 1:

“My fingers are starting to get blisters from all this typing. To avoid serious infection and possible amputation, I think it’s best if we take this offline and meet in-person so I can flirt with you in real life. What are you doing Wednesday night?”

Example 2:

“I am going to x this Friday. Would you care to join me?”

Example 3:

“You’ve never had Indian food? Well then, we have to get you some. There’s this great place by me that I go to a lot. I want to take you there. Are you free this Thursday?”

See how all of these examples are clear and specific? There’s no room for misinterpretation as to what you’re asking for. It’s very clear. I’ve had guys say to me, “Want to hang out sometime?” It’s said as if they’ve already been rejected and have no faith in themselves that I would ever say yes. Which makes it a hard thing to say yes to unless I really like the guy. Even though, asking a girl out this way doesn’t guarantee she’s going to say yes, it will guarantee that she knows what she’s being asked, and will be attracted to how it’s done.

So Daniel, to wrap-up this little lesson, no more waiting a month to get offline and ask a girl out. Once a connection is made and it’s clear there’s something there, move things out of the virtual world in to the real world. Do it confidently, be specific about what you want, and do not second-guess that she will say yes. And I promise, you will get way more yeses than nos.

For more tips on how to approach and ask women out, go to, or check out my other videos on YouTube. I’m Marni, your very own personal wing girl and owner of The Wing Girl Method, and I’ll see you soon.

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