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5 Things Every Woman Wants from a Man

Every woman is different and every woman wants different things from a relationship. Some may want a family, others grand adventure, some may like a sharp-dressed men, while others like there boys a little grungy. Yes, there are a lot of differences when it comes to what women want, but after looking into online dating data from the dating site Zoosk, we see that there are some universal things all women are looking for.

Using Zoosk data, dating expert and owner of The Wing Girl Method, Marni has come up with five things every woman wants from a man and tips on how you can take advantage of them.

Video Transcript:
Hey daters! My name is Marni, owner of The Wing Girl Method. And from here on out, I’m going to be your very own personal wing girl. That means it’s my job to explain women to you and break down all the frustrating, confusing, and mind-boggling things that we do. And, I’m also going to tell you what to do to get the women you want using my insider resources.

The team at Zoosk has been sending me a lot of data. One of the surveys that I received was one done on over 3,000 women in the U.S. asking them the top 5 non-physical qualities women look for in a man. I wanted to give you the results of that survey and explain what the results actually mean.

#1: A funny guy with a sense of humor.
Now from this, you may think that every woman is hoping to meet Carrot Top, or Bill Burr, or Louie CK, someone who’s over-the-top funny all the time and can constantly entertain her. This is not what most women are seeking. When a woman says she wants a guy with a sense of humor, she means that she wants someone who can laugh at himself and life, and doesn’t take things too seriously.

Everyone, including you, has the ability to have a sense of humor. You just have to learn how to let it out so others can see it. If you don’t think that you can do that or that you don’t have a sense of humor, you can discover your sense of humor by doing things like taking improvisation classes, watching comedy shows, and using what you see to develop your own style of unique  observations.

#2: Someone kind and caring.
This doesn’t mean that you have to be saving lost puppy dogs on a weekly basis, volunteering at homeless shelters, and/or crying at all romantic comedies. Kind and caring for women means you have the ability to be thoughtful and think outside of yourself. That means, asking her about her day, or listening to what she says and then commenting on it. That means, remembering things she mentions to you, and bringing them up later in conversation. Simple little things that sadly most men do not do very well.

#3: A man who’s honest.
This one should be pretty self-explanatory because there is nothing worse than a man who lies. Women want to feel safe with a man and lies do not facilitate any form of safety. Now, being honest doesn’t mean walking into a room and telling a woman that she looks fat in a dress. When dealing with women, I always advise to be honest with tact. Meaning, to be sensitive to her feelings while still not holding back on a truth.

For example, if you’ve just started dating a woman and she says, “So are you seeing anyone else?” And you say, “Yup, slept with one of the girls last night—it was awesome, going to see her again on Tuesday.” I mean that’s honest, but horrible. Instead, you can be honest with tact and say, “I’m dating, but I’m really enjoying getting to know you and I want to see where this goes.” Boom! Honest with tact, plus it gives that girl a little push letting her know there are others out there, but right now she is ahead of the pack, but could fall behind soon.

#4: A man who’s fun.
Women want a man with a full life that they can be a part of. That means a man that has hobbies, things he enjoys and likes to do, a friendship circle, passions, opinions… basically a personality.

A man who is all about work, stressed out, doesn’t have a positive outlook on life, lazy… is no good for us women. And it’s no good for that man either. We like a little fire and excitement, or else things become dull and we move on to greener pastures.

#5: A loving guy.
And the final non-physical quality that women want in a man is for him to be loving. When I think of what I want when I say a man that is loving, what I’m really saying is that I want a man who loves even when I suck. Now I know this is a hard thing to request of any man, but bear with me for a second… We women have a lot of feelings and emotions. Some are rational, a lot are not. But sadly, a lot of things we feel and emote are not always under our control. These moments are the key moments of when this request for a loving man is crucial.

And those are the top five non-physical qualities women want a man. Now you may be thinking I’m not that man or I can’t do what Marni just said. But the great thing is, is that all of these qualities are totally learnable. And I am going to make more videos to explain some of these topics in more detail.

But for now, if you want more direction, advice, and guidance on how to get these qualities and learn to be the man women want, go to, and sign up for my free newsletters jam-packed with actionable advice you can start using right now. If there are questions you have about women, make sure to leave a comment below. I always check the comments to get ideas for my videos. And make sure to use me, so you can get all the insider information you need to be super successful with women.

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