How Do I Attract a Quality Man?

Attract a quality man like this one.

Hi Joan,

I get asked out a lot, but I rarely meet the type of man I want. So ready to ditch the drama and the immaturity. I’m done with dating boys and want a guy who has his life together. The more time I spend looking for the one, the more overwhelmed and hopeless I feel. How do I attract a high quality man?

-Rochester, New York

Attracting the right guy starts with having an undeniably positive relationship with yourself. When you’re able to make yourself happy and aren’t looking for someone to fulfill you, you’ll be able to approach relationships from a place of want, not need. For a confident, self-assured man, this approach will come as a breath of fresh air.

Aside from tweaking your approach, you can also modify your behavior to find a quality man.

  1. Check your attitude towards dating and the type of energy you bring to the table. If you’ve been hurt before and are highly skeptical of everyone you meet, you might be letting negative feelings get in the way of potential love connections. Learn from your past, but don’t let those experiences define the way you approach new people.
  1. Make sure your image aligns to your goals. Ladies, we all know that wearing something scandalous attracts attention, but it’s probably not the kind of attention that’s going to lead to something meaningful. Remember, you’re looking for a quality man, not countless dates. Male attention might feel validating momentarily, but when it doesn’t bring you quality interactions, it’s time to rethink your appearance.
  1. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. When you take good care of yourself and continue to invest in your health and your happiness, it signals to others that you value who you are and what you have to offer.

Ultimately, the best way to attract a quality man is to recognize your self worth and refuse to accept less. If you’re changing who are you to look and act like someone you think he wants, you’ll lose sight of the unique flavor you bring to the table. Keep doing you and keep building the strong, loving relationship you have with yourself.

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