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6 Things You Should Know About Women in Their 40s

A woman in her 40s smiling because the man she was with took this advice about dating women in their 40s.

When you date women in their 40s, there are a few things to remember: They have a great career, amazing friends, and, overall, an interesting life (watching Sex and the City has proved this time and again). Bottom line—these women are experienced and mature, not to mention a little sassy, and the dating behaviors that you used with women half her age, won’t work on them.

With that in mind, here are six things you should know about dating a woman in her 40s. If you remember these, and that not all fortysomething women are like Samantha Jones, you’ll be fine.

1. She Feels Fabulous in Her Own Skin.
She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. From what she’s wearing to what’s on her Netflix queue, a woman in her 40s knows exactly who she is. This self-confidence extends to her dating relationships, too. She’s been around the block long enough to know what she will put up with in a relationship, and what she won’t. Because the truth is, she loves herself and her life, so if she’s going to welcome you into it, you have to be worth it. Otherwise, she’s got Scandal and a bottle of wine, which is more than okay with her.

2. She Has a Solid Career.
A forty-something woman is in the full swing of her career, and she’s enjoying greater financial freedom than what she experienced back in her 20s and 30s. This means that well-employed (or financially compatible) suitors need only apply. She has an adult taste for adventure, including fancy trips and romantic dinners, that doesn’t include scraping together change found beneath the couch. And it should go without saying that, potential dates should feel confident and secure about dating a financially independent woman. This is 2017.

3. She Probably Has Some Baggage.
A woman in her 40s has lived a full life, and undoubtedly has had at least one very significant long-term relationship, including marriage. She might even have children whom you could meet at one point (and who could also be apart of your life, if all goes well). So you can be sure that since she’s an experienced woman in the relationship department, she might have some preconceived notions about dating, that are both good and bad, that could affect your relationship with her. Like any potential dating relationship, keep an open mind and stay positive.

4. She’s Upfront.
A woman in her 40s has no time to play guessing games. Been there, done that. If she’s looking for something casual, she will let you know. If she wants something more committed, she’ll let you know that, too. A woman in her 40s isn’t scared to speak her mind (inside and outside of the bedroom), and because she knows what she wants, she will always express her desires clearly.

5. She’s Open Minded.
A fortysomething woman is not strictly bent on dating men belonging to her own age group. She realizes age is just a number, and understands that shared values and personality characteristics are much better indicators of compatibility.

6. She’s Over the Biological Clock.
Whether she’s been married before or not, a fortysomething woman is no longer infatuated with the idea of marriage, nor does the ticking of the infamous biological clock plague her or put added pressure on new relationships. Which means that she’s only interested in dating new, different, interesting people.

Dating can be awkward at any age, but it can also be an adventure. By keeping an open mind and remembering that age is just a number, dating women in their 40s can be the greatest adventure of your life.

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