A single mom dating with kids laughs with her daughter.

When you’re single on your own meeting people isn’t something you spend much time worrying about—somehow it just always happens. You go out and other singles are just there—you meet, you talk. Simple. But when you have kids, things get a little trickier. Your schedule is busier, you may not have other single friends to go out with, and when you do go out the bars are often filled with daters who may not understand and appreciate your lifestyle. So where do today’s single moms and dads go to date?

The answer is pretty simple: Online.

A few of the single moms at the popular dating site Zoosk, that has over 38 million members worldwide, shed some light on how they’re using the site to meet men online. Read on to get a better idea of how single moms use Zoosk to date.

Meeting People on Your Own Time
When you’re trying to have a social life while raising kids at home, it can be difficult to find the time to go out to bars or to meet men in the traditional ways. Some of the single moms on Zoosk said they decided to date online for the pure convenience of being able to meet other singles from home.

“Taking a proactive approach to meet people through online dating was a must due to my busy schedule and the fact that I don’t hang out at bars,” said one single mom Brenda.

“Both of us were looking for something serious and weren’t into the bar scene,” said another member Ashley. “We were single parents, with bad luck in love, and we were talking to people with hopes of finding something meaningful. Now we’ve found our best friend in each other and feel almost like soul mates.”

An Easy Way to Get Some Adult Conversation
Another Zoosk member, Magen, started online dating just as a way to have some much needed grownup time before she found it was a way to make a real connection with someone special.

“I was a single mom and wasn’t able to get out a lot, so I used Zoosk to talk to people and it was kind of my escape from the hustle of my daily life,” she explained. “I would just talk to guys for fun, hoping that one day I would meet the one. Once I started talking to Jourdaine it was instant connection.”

Getting Back Into Dating After Taking a Break
Some Zoosk members said they used the site as a way to get back into the dating scene after taking a long break. Whether getting over a divorce or getting back into the swing of things, online dating can offer a way to meet people that is easy and unintimidating.

“After years of bad relationships I had given up on dating in general. I was determined to be a single mom and to do the best I could with just my two kids and myself,” explained single mom Billie. “I bought a one month subscription to Zoosk thinking that I would give it one month before I gave up for good and settled in to being single. Little did I know that there was a man thinking the exact same thing as I was who had two little girls.”

Connecting with Other Single Parents
Though you don’t have to date another single parent, it can be nice to be with someone who understands the challenges you face. Some of the single moms on Zoosk liked meeting other single parents who they could relate to.

“He was the first person I talked to that seemed real, down to earth, responsible, and serious about a long-term relationship,” Billie went on to explain. “We’ve been together for a year and three months now and our family could not be happier! Alex and his two daughters, me and my son and daughter, on his ten acre plot of land in the country. I could never have imagined a more perfect life. None of it would have been possible if we hadn’t met on Zoosk.”

When you’re looking to date as a single mom, the one for you may not be as hard to find as you think. Online dating sites like Zoosk can provide a way to meet a larger pool of men your age, without having to sacrifice so much of your time.

“Always keep the faith,” said Ashley. “Have fun talking to people and see where it goes!”

Megan Murray

Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix

Megan Murray is the Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix and works at the online dating site and app Zoosk, that has over 40 million members worldwide. She splits her time between writing for The Date Mix and working on the Zoosk product, which gives her behind-the-scenes knowledge about the world of online dating.