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How to Tell Someone You Like Them: 6 Cute Ways

A man who learned how to tell someone you like them, looking into his girlfriend's eyes, telling her how he feels.

Actions don’t always speak louder than words. And when we really like someone and try to tell them in subtle ways, the point doesn’t always come across. That’s why we need to be a little more like Captain Obvious to send our message. It can be a scary, mostly because we’re chicken and fear rejection, but also because being upfront with how you feel isn’t always common and familiar.

But there’s an art of to being obvious about your feelings, and letting someone know you care about them and are interesting in something more. If you’re ready to tell someone you like them, here are a few cute, maybe even romantic ways, to let them know.

Doodle it.
For the cute and silly type, doodling your feelings is a sweet move. But it should really be done in-person, not through text; otherwise, your gesture will seem absent of genuine feeling. Besides, you don’t want to settle for a low-effort, lazy way to tell someone you like them. With the in-person approach, there’s a higher level of risk and self-exposure involved, which is more meaningful. So your doodle must be done during a date.

There are tons of settings where you can smoothly pull off a doodle. Look out for any available writing surfaces: a notepad, magazine, newspaper, napkin, or paper table cloth. When the moment feels right, doodle, “I like you” with a cheeky smile and pause for their reaction.

Whisper it.
Subtle and soothing, a romantic whisper is the perfect way to tell someone you like them. This expression sets the mood, while also forcing them to lean in close. Intimacy? Check! But timing must be key here. You don’t want to randomly whisper, “I like you” when they’ve got a mouthful of pizza.

Wait for the right scene, like an outdoor walk or a movie, to make your move. It’s a clever way to express your feelings without planning a formal speech beforehand, which could possibly just increase your nerves and cause a clumsy detour from your topic. That’s why a simple whisper gets the point across smoothly—no weird tension or weirdness.

If you’re shy, the whisper also works well for keeping yourself calm and cool. After all, admitting your feelings for the first time is intimidating—so at least this way, you won’t hear yourself stumbling through your words.

Ask them: “What are you looking for?”
If being obvious isn’t your style, you can opt for a more textbook script. You know the drill; you start by asking that age-old question, “What are you looking for” to initiate a dialogue about your feelings. Here, you can assess the possibility of your feelings being mutual before risking your ego.

Once you get their answer, ideally the right one, you can confidently say how you feel. Yet, if their answer is wishy-washy, it’s possible that they’re purposely being dubious—like a game of chicken—making you do the emotional heavy-lifting. At this point, don’t let this farce continue; that’s juvenile! Simply make your intentions clear and if they’re not mutual, save your next attempt for someone who’s worthy of your courage.

Sing it.
Play a love song in the background when you’re cuddling or hanging out at home. You don’t need to be super musical; you just need to sing along at the right moment. Making eye contact with them helps too. Your message will become implicitly clear.

Once they’re smiling or blushing, turn down the music, and say, “You know I like you, right?”It’s a sweet, organic way to tell someone you’re into them.

Spell it.
For the creative romantics, try spelling out the phrase, “I like you.” How? There are many opportunities depending on the setting and available spelling tools. If you’re snacking together at home while watching a movie, take a handful of those nuts or whatever, and begin the task. They’ll suspiciously ask what you’re doing, but stay mysterious and say, “You’ll see.” Before you’re even halfway done, they’ll know your meaning.

Or try spelling out your feelings with Scrabble. You’ll need to set aside the letters for “I like you” beforehand and keep them in your pocket or somewhere secret before the game starts. Once it’s your turn, surprise them with your unexpected phrase. Clever and definitely romantic, they’ll feel delighted you made such a charming effort. If they don’t reciprocate their feelings right away, you can follow up by asking, “Well, aren’t you gonna go next?”

Other fun options can be spelling it out on a dirty car window, a fogged up window, or on the sand at the beach.

Say it.
When all else fails, just say it! Boldly yet casually, pull them in close and utter those adorable words. The scenario doesn’t have to be fancy; it could be any occasion where you’re together. If you’re worried about randomness, wait for them to do or say something cute, at which moment you’ll smirk and say, “Ah, you know what? I like really like you.” They’ll admire your bluntness. Especially since few people expose their feelings so candidly, it’ll be a refreshing change.

Those embarrassment-free years back in kindergarten were golden for a reason. We took ourselves less seriously and freely spoke our mind. And if one snotty-nose brat didn’t like us, we’d shrug it off and go play with someone else. We need more of this strength in the world of adult dating. So put on your “big kid” pants and make your move. Decide how to tell someone you like them. And then, open your heart and go.

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