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Subtle Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

A woman looking for signs a shy guys likes you holding hands with a shy guy as they hang out.

Not all guys make their feelings obvious. Although many do, there’s always those rare few, the shy gentlemanly types, who get super shy around girls they like. So you might not even realize when a shy guy is interested because he’ll be very careful about pursuing you. If you’re dealing with this type and are unsure where you stand, there are a few signs a shy guy likes you that you can learn to spot.

Here are a few things a shy guy does when he’s interested:

Sign #1: He starts as your friend.
A lot of shy guys prefer to start as friends, but don’t underestimate this dating style. This approach let’s him get comfortable with you and get to know you well, before getting closer. Traditional? Sure. Romantic? Absolutely!

When spending time with you, he’ll focus more on experiencing activities together, sharing interests and making jokes. In these moments, he’ll trust that your connection is real and begin to open up more. As his shyness slips away, so will the friend zone. 

Sign #2: He focuses on things you have in common.
If he likes you, he’ll dig for things you have in common. He knows a solid connection is based on mutual interests, so even though he’s shy, he’ll feel drawn to your similarities.

It may be a subtle sign like sending a meme or tagging you on Facebook to remind you about your mutual love of cats. Or it could be something more obvious like taking you out to experience something together, like a concert or a baseball game. These gestures show that he likes you because he’s building your relationship on solid ground.

Sign #3: He laughs nervously.
Shy guys can get anxious about making mistakes and turning you off, so sometimes they may let out a nervous laugh. This doesn’t mean they’re insecure or less manly, it just means they’re extremely hopeful about being with you. 

Sign #4: He has a limited use of emojis.
Shy guys aren’t usually the most enthusiastic emoji-users. Their texting style is often more reserved and straight-forward, similar to how they are in person. Instead of sprinkling their texts with silly faces or sexually suggestive fruits, they’ll just be themselves, without the theatrics.

So, if he’s not sending tons of emojis, it’s not necessarily because he’s not interested; he’s just not comfortable communicating this way.

Sign #5: He acts hesitant.
]A shy guy won’t have the same expertise as others when it comes to making a move, because he hasn’t done it as much. He may be afraid of embarrassing himself or feeling rejected, which will make him more hesitant about ruining his chances with you. This anxiety causes him to overthink his moves to ensure does everything just right. 

In many cases, he might worriedly ask if you’re comfortable or having fun. He’ll be more careful with you and how he moves things forward, slowly taking baby steps toward getting closer both physically and conversationally.

Sign #6: He asks before a first kiss.
A shy guy who likes you will often ask for a first kiss. In his mind, the idea of boldly moving in feels too forceful. Instead, he’ll either ask permission or warn you that he wants to kiss. This behavior shows he respects your boundaries. He doesn’t want to risk making you feel uncomfortable or pressured. 

Sign #7: Get ready for some awkward hand holding.
Physical contact doesn’t always come naturally for a shy guy. Similar to the first-kiss situation, he doesn’t want to impose himself on you and risk ruining his chances. That’s why when he makes an efforts to touch you, he may be a little awkward because he’s overthinking his move. It’s like he’s fighting with himself: on one hand, he wants to get closer to you, but on another, he’s afraid of what you may think.

Finding this balance may feel overwhelming for him and cause some awkward hand-holding. If you like him, make sure to give him encouragement by returning his affection. 

Shy guys are to be cherished, not undervalued. Although they may not be the most exciting romancers in the world (at the beginning), they’re usually the most authentic ones. Appreciate these moments with him, even if he’s moving slowly, because eventually, he’ll make it worth your while.

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