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Slow Dating: How This Growing Trend Can Boost Your Love Life

Young, happy couple slow dating and walking down the street with palm trees in the background.

Slow dating has become increasingly common in recent years. While many of us are on the hunt for that perfect partner, a lot of daters are realizing that patience is key. The pandemic changed a lot of things about the way we date. And, although the idea of taking dating slower after being quarantined for months might sound strange, it actually makes a lot of sense.

The pandemic forced most of us to spend a lot of time on our own. This was tough at times, no doubt. But it did have its benefits. It allowed us to recognize the importance of self-love, reconnect with ourselves, and get familiar with our wants, needs, and non-negotiables. This helped many daters to re-evaluate their dating habits, end things with their casual sex buddy, or even take a break from dating altogether.

What emerged from these approaches was slow dating. But, what is this increasingly popular trend, is it right for you, and can it really give your love life a boost? Below, we’ve tackled all this, and more, to give you an extensive guide on this growing dating trend!

What Is Slow Dating?

Slow dating is exactly what it sounds like. It’s dating, done slowly. This means two people taking more time to get to know each other and building a genuine connection before deciding if they want to try out a relationship together. Essentially, each step of the dating process is slower and more intentional. 

For example, remember those FaceTime dates you went on at the onset of the pandemic? Well, they might not be on their way out anytime soon. It’s not because we’re all still stuck in quarantine, but because some people enjoy the “screening” process that a virtual first date provides. Slow dating means we’re more likely to take the opportunity to get to know someone virtually before putting in the time and effort required to meet them IRL.

Of course, slow dating isn’t a revolutionary concept. You probably know someone in your life who has been taking this approach for a while. The difference now is that slowing down the dating process is becoming more normalized.

Is It Right for You?

For some, slow dating might feel natural. For others, not so much. But, if the concept feels too slow for you, it might be a sign that it’s something you should try.

The main benefit of slow dating is that it’ll give you more time to get to know a partner before jumping into a relationship. Why’s this a benefit? Because like it or not, getting physical with someone messes with our brain chemistry and may cause us to feel an attachment to someone who isn’t a good fit. Dating slower can safeguard you against love bombing, a tactic that’s, regrettably, becoming a bit more common. 

By taking the time to build a meaningful connection with someone as a friend first, you can assess — with a clear mind and without outside pressures — whether they’re a good match. And, by focusing on one person at a time, you can concentrate on the person you’re currently creating a connection with instead of comparing them to other singles online. 

Doesn’t Sound Like Your Thing? Give Slow Dating a Go Anyway

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “no way can I date one person at a time, I prefer to have a roster,” then slow dating might be exactly what you need — if you’re looking for a relationship that is.

The reason “fast dating” appeals to so many, and why many of us have gotten wrapped up in it, is because it allows us to live in a fantasy. A fantasy where cuffing season seemingly provides an endless amount of flings, where there’re hardly any obligations or expectations, and where we never get heartbroken because there’s always someone to catch our fall. Of course, most of us that have tried “fast dating” has learned that the reality is quite different.

If you’re a fan of the old ways, slow dating might feel hard for you at first. But, it’s a challenge worth taking on. Especially if you want to end up in a good relationship in which you and your partner have built up a real, meaningful connection.

Is Slow Dating Here To Stay?

It’s hard to predict what direction dating trends will take in the coming years. But, many of us have spent a long time living the fast life when it comes to dating. This has led to more dating app fatigue and a reduction in the number of genuine connections made. It’s safe to say that, especially when dating post-pandemic, more than a few of us are ready for something that feels more authentic. Slow dating can be the answer to this!

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