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Zoosk vs Bumble: Which Dating Site is Best?

Image comparing the best dating sites Zoosk and Bumble

If you’re searching for love, you’re probably already aware of the vast number of dating apps there are on the market. But, being on all popular dating apps can be time-consuming and counter-productive. So, how do you know which dating app is right for you?

This article will make a head-to-head comparison of Bumble and the Zoosk dating site. By the end of this read, you’ll know how each app works, what it costs, premium features, and more. So, let’s have a look at Zoosk vs. Bumble!

Key Differences Between Zoosk and Bumble

Before we start to compare the two sites directly, let’s have a look at the features, functionality, and purpose of each site. 

Bumble Overview

Bumble has been around since 2013 and functions similarly to Tinder. In other words, members swipe to the right when they like a profile and to the left to dismiss a member. However, just because two users match doesn’t mean they get to start communicating right away. Bumble is a site that’s designed to give women an advantage, and they have to make the first move. Once a member with a female profile sends a message, it opens the dialogue up. Then, either member can communicate. 

Bumble was started in 2015 and has grown to 58 million members, with 2.4 million subscribers to their premium platform (more on this later). Bumble’s biggest member base is the United States, but has an active presence in other English-speaking countries, like the United Kingdom, Canada, and India, as well as Germany. 

Zoosk Overview 

Zoosk is the senior site/app, tracing its origins back to 2007. The Zoosk dating app is designed to lead members to meaningful relationships using a proprietary matching algorithm. While members can use a swipe feature (Carousel), they are encouraged to view profiles that have been selected based on their preferences and the preferences of the suggested profiles. 

Zoosk has 40 million members and is a truly international website and app. It offers a free Basic platform, but most members upgrade to Premium to unlock advanced features. 

How Zoosk & Bumble Compare

Let’s explore how Zoosk and Bumble match up based on multiple criteria. We will analyze each site category by category and call a winner for each.

Membership Traffic

According to the most recent reports we could locate, Bumble has a larger member base with 58 million users, compared to Zoosks 40 million. However, some dating sites are designed with the idea that success means losing members (hopefully because they’ve met their soulmates). 

A more accurate metric for membership is active weekly users. According to Dating Scout, Zoosk has 860,000 active weekly users as opposed to Bumble’s 700,000. While Bumble historically has a larger member base, Zoosk beats them by almost 23%. 

Category Winner: Zoosk 

Member-Matching Approach

Zoosk uses a proprietary algorithm that attempts to match members based on their preferences. SmartPick means that the algorithm notes the profiles the member prefers and focuses suggestions on similar picks. Zoosk’s goal is to help people find one another for casual or serious dating. 

Bumble uses gender, age, and location criteria to suggest member profiles to one another. When a woman matches with a male member, she has 24 hours to make the first move. Male members can extend their first-move window for an additional 24 hours. Bumble can also be used for casual or serious dating. Bumble’s BFF feature allows members of all genders to match as friends. 

This is truly a member preference category. If you’re a woman who would prefer not to be inundated with in-box messages, Bumble may be the better fit. For men and women who are not concerned about making the first move, either app will work. Both men and women may find Bumble’s expiring chat window frustrating. 

Category Winner: Draw

Dating Safety

Unlike some of their counterparts, these are two websites that take online dating safety seriously. Zoosk screens members during signup and has a designated team to review complaints on member profiles. Bumble has human and AI moderators to monitor accounts. In theory, they make it safer for women to use by putting the first move into their hands. It’s difficult to say whether or not this truly makes online dating safer. On Zoosk, women can also block, report, or disconnect from members they aren’t interested in, which essentially accomplishes the same thing. 

The important thing to note is that both sites get very high safety ratings. Because Bumble has created an extra level of safety, theoretically, we will give them a slight edge. 

Category Winner: Bumble

Premium Features

Zoosk offers a free Basic platform. Members can sign up, build their profiles, add pictures, match with other members, and tailor their searches. However, to unlock useful features like unlimited messaging, profile boosting, and more, members need to upgrade to a premium package. In order to use the mobile device app, Zoosk users must sign up for a premium plan.

Bumble gives most of its features away with the free signup, which is probably why only a small fraction of users sign up for the premium version. However, Bumble is, first and foremost, a swiping app, and their basic membership only allows 25 swipes per 24 hours. This may be the number one reason to upgrade to their premium platform. In addition, members receive beneficial features, like backtracking, advanced filters, and time extension and rematch for expired or about-to-expire matches. 

The answer to which platform has better premium features is tricky. If you are happy with swiping up to 25 times on Bumble, you may not need to upgrade at all, while to truly receive the benefits of Zoosk, you should upgrade once you’re satisfied with the trial. Zoosk offers features like read receipts on messages, the ability to see all member picks, and more. While Bumble may have an edge when it comes to its basic platform, Zoosk wins out once members go premium. 

Category Winner: Zoosk 

Premium Costs

Both platforms have a free trial program that unlocks additional features with multiple packages. Here is a breakdown of these packages:

Zoosk Premium Subscriptions

    Bumble Premium Subscriptions

      It’s important to keep your reason for being on a dating site or app in mind. If you are looking for a serious relationship, purchasing a lifetime membership — or even a 12-month membership — may not be to your advantage. With this in mind, pricing for intermediate contracts is similar to or slightly less expensive for Zoosk. Bumble, on the other hand, offers daily and weekly subscriptions, which might be better for people who aren’t sure they want a premium subscription. Since both pricing plans have their advantages, this category is a draw. 

      Category Winner: Draw

      Similarities and Differences

      As dating platforms available on the web and via apps, Bumble and Zoosk share many similarities. Both have a basic membership that allows members to explore the respective platforms without payment. They both have a traditional swiping function that allows members to spend time reviewing memberships. It also seems from user reviews that both Bumble and Zoosk have their fair share of success stories. Consequently, the differences may not be apparent to a new user. However, members who spend time on both apps would immediately realize the differences. 

      Women Make the First Move

      For one, Bumble attempts to make the experience more pleasant for women by assigning the power disproportionately in their favor. If a woman matches with a man, she has to send the first message to open up the conversation. Zoosk, on the other hand, allows members of all genders to initiate conversation. It also allows them to unmatch and block members if they change their minds. Both platforms have reporting systems for inappropriate or fraudulent behavior. 

      24-Hour Matching Window

      Bumble only allows female members to send their initial message 24 hours after matching. This helps all members keep their matched queue clutter-free. However, the feature may not work for individuals with busy lives. It also means that if a member wants to take a pause because they’re tired of searching or have met someone, viable matches can be lost indefinitely. Zoosk allows matches to remain until one of the members decides to delete the connection. 


      Most dating sites claim to be in the relationship business, but some do it better than others. Zoosk’s algorithm prioritizes compatibility, while Bumble’s selection process is more in the hands of the members. Both sites offer advanced matchmaking criteria on their premium platforms, but Zoosk uses SmartPick to tailor member suggestions based on the member’s historic preferences. In other words, if a member has matched or attempted to match with individuals who have similar qualities, the system will suggest like members. 

      Benefits of Zoosk

      Zoosk offers many benefits for members. Here are some of the most popular Premium features of Zoosk:

        • Free Basic Membership that doesn’t require members to create a new profile when they upgrade
        • Unlimited messaging
        • The ability to match according to numerous qualities
        • Read receipts for messages
        • The ability to buy coins for things like sending gifts or boosting the member’s profile
        • SmartPick, which tailors potential matches based on compatibility and preferences
        • Enhanced safety protocols
        • A large international membership base.
        • Premium members can see who visits their profile.

          Disadvantages of Zoosk

          There are a few drawbacks that members might find inconvenient:

            • While it’s a true international dating site with 40 million active members and a high active weekly membership, it is not as popular in some countries. However, you can sign up for free and see if there are interesting members in your area. 
            • There is no video chat feature. Members must go off the platform for video chat.

              Benefits of Bumble

              Bumble also offers features that are appealing to many members:

                • The “women make the first move” rule is appealing to female members who may prefer not to have their matched queue inundated
                • Free membership allows members to access most features 
                • The app is available with Bumble’s free membership.
                • Members can send compliments
                • Premium members can extend connections for an additional 24 hours

                  Disadvantages of Bumble

                  Not all members love the Bumble experience. Here are some disadvantages of the platform:

                    • Male members and some women don’t enjoy the “women make the first move” feature. They may feel it limits their options.
                    • The 24-hour time limit for responding to matches means that viable connections may be lost.
                    • The “women first” approach may alienate non-binary genders.

                      Dating App Audience

                      Both Bumble and Zoosk are great for finding serious relationships. If you’re looking for a hook-up site, neither of these qualify. Bumble is geared to single women who would prefer not to be inundated with inbox messages. Naturally, it draws more than its fair share of male members looking to connect with women. For some members of the LGBTQ community they may not find Bumble’s signature “women make the first move rule” particularly useful. However, Bumble is inclusive. For homosexual connections, either member can send the first message. Having said that, the site is designed to appeal to women. 

                      Zoosk is an inclusive website and app that markets to various groups within the LBGTQ community. Members can, of course, narrow their search to the gender of preference. While both apps are available in multiple countries, they are most popular in English-speaking regions. 

                      If you’re trying to compare the two sites personally, you can try both for free and browse through profiles in your area. 

                      Who is Zoosk Best For?

                      If you’re an individual who is looking for a serious relationship or partner for life, we highly recommend Zoosk. 

                      Who is Bumble Best For?

                      If you’re an individual who wants to date casually, meet a serious partner, or find someone to marry, Bumble may be the right choice for you. If you’re a busy woman who is interested in one of these types of relationships, you might enjoy Bumble. 

                      Our Final Takeaway

                      Both of these sites will appeal to the same type of members: single individuals who are trying to connect with compatible members for dating or more. Zoosk SmartPick and its compatibility algorithm make it a better choice for members trying to find someone special. Bumble’s unique approach to matching may make it a better choice for busy women who don’t want to be inundated with messages. We believe that both apps have a place in the dating world, and many of our readers will most likely try both simultaneously.

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