Love and the Super Bowl: Are They Related?

A football.

As the nation prepares for Super Bowl XLVIII to kick off this Sunday, there’s plenty of speculation for who will walk away with the championship title. Undoubtedly, emotions will run high during this game, as they did throughout the playoffs, so we took a look at anonymized behavioral data from thousands of our members to see what kind of effect winning and losing has on dating activity in different cities. Wondering how love and the super Bowl are related? See what we found out…

Seattle and Denver – listen up! Even if your team doesn’t win the big game on Sunday, there may be a silver lining to losing.

Looking at activity in each of the cities that participated in conference championship games this month, Zoosk found:

– When your team wins, you spend Monday talking about football among friends and co-workers.

– When your team loses, you seek comfort in companionship, turning attention to your love life.

– Denver users send 15% less messages and view 32% less profiles than average on the Mondays after their playoff wins.

– Seattle users send 51% less messages and view 60% less profiles than average on the Mondays after their playoff wins.

– San Francisco users sent 40% more messages and viewed 32% more profiles on the Monday after their loss to Seattle than on the Mondays following their playoff wins on Jan. 5 and Jan. 12.

– Boston users sent out 79% more messages and viewed 73% more profiles on the Monday after their loss to Denver than on the Monday against their playoff victory over Indianapolis.


According to the activity we’ve seen during the past two Super Bowls, fans wait to learn the outcome of the game before engaging in online dating activities.

– During last year’s Super Bowl, the number of messages sent between users was 17% less than the average Sunday evening.

– On non-mobile devices, there were 20% less messages sent than on average.

– On mobile devices, 11% less messages were sent than average.

– Come Monday, February 3, Zoosk predicts fans of the losing team will be online looking for love, while fans of the winning team will be out celebrating.

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