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6 Signs You Have a Major Friend Crush

When you’re really close with a friend, you have a special bond. You tell them how much you love them. You hang every weekend. You sleep at each other’s houses (especially after a wine nights). You might even have a friend crush. After all, love is love, right? And if you fall in (friend) love with your best friend, that’s the endgame, ain’t it?

If you’re not sure if your friend love qualifies as a friend crush, these are the signs to look at.

1. You Get Jealous Easily
If you’re dancing with the green-eyed monster each time your bestie has a date, crush, or relationship, then you’re probably friend crushing—hard. It’s one thing to think get mildly insecure; it’s another thing to wish your friend a lifetime of singlehood. Lay off the black magic.

2. You Blow Off Your Love Life to Hang With Them
Did you swipe right on a new cutie, but backed out of the date when your BFF said they needed some you time? Are you avoiding new people because you’re certain there’s no replacing your best buddy? You’re crushing, duh.

3. You Would Do Anything For Them
And when I say anything, I mean the boring and yucky stuff that no one ever really wants to do for someone else. Yes, that means picking them up from the airport and helping them to move into their five-story walk-up apartment. No matter how sticky the tasks are, you’re game because, well, you adore the heck out of them.

4. You Remember Everything About Them
The big details, and more importantly, the little details. You know their weird food ticks, like being gluten-free and vegetarian. You know their favorite color is yellow. You know they need to wear a sweater outside even if it’s above 75 degrees. You know that look in the eye they get whenever they meet someone they don’t like. And, of course, you never, ever miss their birthday.

5. You Feel Disappointed If You Don’t Text Everyday
You look forward to your funny GIF exchange and your witty banter. You love hearing about how their day is going (no matter how banal it is). But if you don’t hear from your friend for a day, you feel disappointed. In fact, you might even feel a little sad and neglected because they perk your day up so much.

6. You Can’t Wait to See Them
If you have plans for the weekend, you’re basically counting down the minutes until you see them again. Admit it: You probably have a whole game plan on how your hang out session is going to be – even if it just means you’re chilling on the couch. You want everything to be just perfect, and you always want to make sure your friend has the best time possible. And, of course, the piece de resistance: you get butterflies whenever they walk into a room. Yup, you’re hooked.

Okay, so, you’ve realized you have a big fat crush on your best friend. Now what? That’s your call. If you think it might not be reciprocated and/or could affect your friendship, then you might want to hold off and see if your feelings dissipate. Crushes do come and go. But if you realize that you might be head over heels with the love of your life (aka Pam and Jim)? Then say something. Some of the best relationships stem from a fantastic friendship. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done. And if you do speak up and it’s not what your friend wants? If your friendship is strong and built on kindness and respect, then chances are, it will endure.

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