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Real Life Love Stories: What Online Daters Notice First

A couple looking into each other's eyes and smiling like a real life love story.

Anyone who’s used a dating site or app knows that it can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many people it’s hard to know where to start, how to say hi, or what to do. But then something catches your eye… Maybe it’s someone’s smile or the fact that they went to the same high school as you. Maybe it’s the book they’re reading or the band on their t-shirt. But whatever it is, in real life and online, the smallest things can turn into the biggest moments.

This month’s real life love stories are all from people on the dating site Zoosk who noticed something about someone else that made them want to learn more. It’s a small piece of magic, and a fun part of meeting the one you love.

Here are 13 real-life love stories about the little things that catch our attention:

The Nurse
John and Samantha

“The first thing that attracted me to her was fact that she was a nurse. I almost lost my father a few weeks before I joined Zoosk, and I got a chance to see what nurses really do because I didn’t leave his side for five days. I knew that she had to be an amazing person with a huge heart to do what she does. Which is something we all look for right?”

Blue Eyes
Naomi and Matthew

“When I saw a young man by the name of Matthew had sent me a message, I almost scrolled past him. But something in his big blue eyes caught my attention. We started talking, and our personalities clicked like nothing I’d ever experienced before.”

Sarah and Sam

“He had a picture of him fishing and for some reason that picture stood out to me the most. He looked peaceful to me. Something that I needed desperately in my life.”

Jersey Girl
David and Siobhan

“I saw a cute tough redhead from New Jersey. Well, I decided to contact her, and here we are two years later with a beautiful baby boy and a happy life together.”

Definitely Dorky
Jared and Jeannine

“I saw Jared’s profile name Definitely Dorky. I had to check out his profile just because of his unique profile name! I appreciated his kindness from the start. That first night, Jared and I messaged for three hours and we asked each other tons of questions. I appreciated that he listened to me, asked me questions, answered my questions, and shared with me about his life and experiences.”

A Box of Beer
Kirsten and Keith

“The line in my profile that got Kirsten’s attention was when I described my ideal date by saying, ‘Turn up with a box on the weekend,’ referring to beer. Neither of us were taking it too seriously at the time and happened to find each other.”

A Hoodie
Nikki and Aaron

“The first thing I noticed was a picture of her wearing a hoodie I now refuse to let her get rid of. I am a country boy at heart so I was looking for a bit of a tomboy.”

No Smile
Sue and John

“I saw his picture, he was a handsome man, but he looked rather dead. I texted him, YOU need to smile. We met two days later at a Mexican restaurant, had lunch, then went somewhere else and proceeded to drink four pots of coffee and talk all day. We’ve been together ever since.”

The Buffalo Bills
Mary and Jeremy

“He noticed me because of a Buffalo Bills shirt I had on in one of the pictures. That certainly sparked up a conversation! After all, the only people that go for the Bills are either from Buffalo or raised by someone from Buffalo.”

The Cowboy
Johnny and Kelly

“We laugh about it now because when I first came across Johnny’s profile picture, I thought he had posted an acting portfolio. He looked like a cowboy right out of a Western like “Big Valley.”  I paused at his picture and sent him a question about whether or not he was an actor. The answer was that he was not, but that his picture was taken from a Renaissance festival he and his family had attended.”

Kids Come First
Stephania and Roddy

“When I saw his picture I thought, Ya, he is fine! I checked out his profile and the thing that made me press that wink button was the fact that he has a son and he puts him first in his life and he said if you can’t accept that then you can’t be a part of his life. That made me feel good because I have kids too, and I feel the same way about them.”

Maria and Peter

“I looked at his profile because I saw that he was from Bronxville, NY and I currently worked there and was curious to see if I’d seen him. It just so happened that he was a customer at my pharmacy and that he’d been going there for years and he even ate at my favorite deli. We were in awe.”

Pero Mahal Kita
Juan and Czarina

“I worked at a hospital in 1988 and a Filipino guy taught me how to say I love you, which is ‘Pero mahal kita’ which means because I love you, so I used that when I saw this beautiful Filipina and damn it worked. We got married November 2013 and have been happily married ever since.”

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