How to Write A Dating Profile People Say Yes To

Writing an online dating profile can be tedious, but a good profile is essential to your success. Without a well-written profile, things will be a little tough.

Luckily for you, I’ve been helping online daters write profiles for over a decade! In this article I’ll be going over tips that will teach you how to write a profile that gets you an enthusiastic yes.

1. Be enthused about the process
Pretend you’re really excited for a first date. You show up your hair done and a pep in your step, only to be met with a weak smile and a whispered hello. Nothing kills attraction like low energy and disinterest. 

Don’t write a low energy, disinterested profile. Your profile is the first impression you make on another total stranger, so let it be one that shows off your best traits. Don’t write things like “I’m not sure online dating is for me,” or “I hate talking about myself.” Do write things like “Nothing gets me out of bed on a weekend like the smell of early morning surf” or “I’ve been doing improv for five years so I hope you like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway.’ ” Get excited and be exciting. Be someone who you’d be excited to date.

2. Give a multitude of reasons for people to be interested
One of the best ways to make other daters want to say yes is to present a diverse portrait of yourself. The more hobbies, interests, passions, and personality traits you display, the more reasons people will have to connect to your profile. “Action is character” is a famous phrase among writers. Action helps people understand each other. So what do you do? Put it on display. It’ll help people get to know you. The more you things you do, the more ways others can reach out to connect.

3. Make it easy for someone to engage with
The best profiles provide easy entry points for other daters to start a conversation. The more entry points you provide, the more likely someone is to engage you. Listing your interests, like tip number two is just one of the many ways to do this.

One good way to provide an entry point is to prompt other daters for a response.  Let’s take a look at an example. Instead of simply saying, “Live music is a huge passion of mine,” try, “I’ll see just about any musician live. Hit me with your best recommendations!” This makes it feel like you’ve already broken the ice to start the conversation, and they just have to keep the momentum going.

4. Present your profile properly
People see lots of profiles. You’ll want to make yours as easy to digest as possible. No bio? That’s going to be a know. Writing your entire life’s story? People won’t read it. It’s a delicate balancing act.

A good profile should be structured in short, mini-paragraphs, each containing no more than two to three sentences. Try to keep them engaged. Give information and personality, but don’t bog it down with too much information.

5. Write how you speak
Many people have trouble writing a profile, because the majority of their writing experience is limited to how they wrote essays in school or formal emails for work. Try to channel the tone you use when catching up with an old friend.

Need a little help finding your writer’s voice? Try recording yourself on your phone talking about your hobbies and interests for a few minutes. Use contractions and figures of speech to add color to your writing.

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