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8 Witty Dating Profile Examples To Help Inspire Yours


We live in the age of dating apps. Face it, you probably know a lot of people who met their significant others through one app or another. And what’s wrong with that!

The stigma that once surrounded online dating is long gone. Now what matters is making your profile stand out.

From witty dating profile examples to choosing the perfect profile photo, there are countless online dating tips to make your profile extra special. 

While your priority should still be making your profile a reflection of who you are and what you’re looking for, it helps to add a little oomph to your words. Here are a few witty dating profile examples to tickle your funny bone and inspire you too!

The Ultimate Witty Dating Profile Examples

Luke, 31

“Fun water-based boy. Mostly looking for someone who wants to kiss me on the cheek and tell me I’m cute.”

Why it works: He’s honest about wanting something casual, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously either.

Plus, he clearly doesn’t care much about gender stereotypes. And a man who’s happy to flip the script on its head can be pretty refreshing.

Val, 25

“If everyone hiked as much as they say they do on dating apps, hiking trails would be packed.”

Why it works: Dating apps can be a strange place. Something about creating a personal profile can encourage people to bolster the truth from time to time.

Recognizing this makes Val appear approachable, funny, and puts the reader at ease from the get-go. 

Tim, 25

“I’m just looking for the girl I fell in love with at the supermarket. And here I am looking at my phone trying to find a reason to stop looking at my phone.”

Why it works: Here, Tim is poking fun at dating apps in a very relatable way. Who among us checks Tinder more often than we need to? Probably the majority of us. This cynical but funny one-liner makes for an easy conversation starter. 

He’s also referencing the once-popular Missed Connections on Craigslist. This reference is a nice throwback and makes him seem like a romantic. And who doesn’t love some old-fashioned romance?

Chris, 23

“Cards on the table, I need someone to get me off this app. Either take my phone away or take me out to dinner.”

Why it works: Isn’t the goal of dating apps to eventually delete said app? This guy shows that he wants a relationship. But he’s doing it in a casual and lighthearted way. 

This way he’s getting what he’s looking for across in a few concise, memorable and sharp sentences. As witty dating profile examples go, that’s golden.

Madison, 24

“Interested? Let’s go on a date so I can impress you with random facts about North Carolina. My hobbies are face mask using, Ted talk watching, and pretending to be a movie critic.”

Why it works: These things are random enough that they’re probably true, so she’s making fun of herself. But better yet? She’s sharing her hobbies.

Mentioning your interests in your profile makes it easy for someone to strike up a conversation with you. If that goes well, it can even save you the trouble of selecting the perfect first date idea.

Erik, 35

“I have a dog. Her name is Trixie. Yes, you are allowed to come to play with her.”

Why it works: Honestly? The Dog. That’s why it works. 

Believe it or not, users who mention dogs or have pictures of dogs are more likely to get messaged. This man shows that he knows that and is teasing us about it. He’s not doing it rudely, just in a way that acknowledges his puppy’s cute factor.

A cute guy and a cute dog? That’s a yes from us.

Jay, 39

“I’m one half of a power couple, currently in search of the other half. Or at least someone to travel the world with. Ranked #3 World’s Best Cuddler.”

Why it works: Ambitious men tend to do well on dating apps. Sure, calling himself one half of a power couple is a bit of a flex. But if you’re looking for someone who is straight-talking and high-achieving, then this might just tickle your fancy.

He’s showing that he’s an ambitious man, looking for an ambitious woman, but in a fun and clever way. 

Tyler, 27

“You’re catching me in my just-chopped-my-hair-and-dyed-it-blonde-but-only-have-pics-with-a-beanie-on-my-head phase. I’ll just have to show you in person.”

Why it works: It immediately shows that she’s down to meet. She’s not looking to just chat over the app. Her bio is unique, but also casual! It gives you a good feel for her personality.  And that’s important.

Writing a dating profile that ticks all the boxes can be tricky. Whatever you end up typing, remember to find the balance between telling your story in a witty way and just telling jokes. 

Your profile should say something about you and what you want. Authenticity is key. 

So keep these witty dating profile examples in your back pocket. Use them as inspiration to create a profile that shows what makes you special, while making your future crush smile.

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