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How To Come Up With The Best Hinge Answers For Your Profile

woman sitting on a bench typing her best hinge answers on her mobile phone

Hinge has pretty quickly established itself as the dating app meant to be deleted. And while I know plenty of people who have deleted Hinge only to get back on there a few months later, there’s definitely a reason why more and more people seem to be choosing Hinge as their go-to dating app when they want something a bit more serious, or at least more engaging.

The reason for Hinge’s reputation is because of its format. Rather than simply displaying your best photos for potential matches, Hinge’s profile displays your best Hinge answers to prompted questions in between pictures of you with a Tiger or on vacation in Thailand.

While this is a great tool for allowing potential matches to learn more about you, it can also be a bit daunting. You only get to choose three questions to display, and there are so many options it can be hard to narrow it down. Not to mention, it can be difficult to decide just what to say in your answers.

You want to be yourself, but what if that cute girl who lives 10 miles down the street takes your sense of humor the wrong way? Or thinks your obsession with Star Wars is dorky?

5 Tips for Writing the Best Hinge Answers

Of course, if someone doesn’t support your passions or like your personality, they’re probably not right for you, but the worry about putting the right answers out there is totally still valid. So, here are some tops tips for the best Hinge answers. 

Choose answers that can lead to a deeper conversation, or at least a date

I’ll be honest, I think some of the example answers that Hinge gives are not that great.

For example, this one: Together, we could…Replace the filter in my AC unit. Not sexy but needs to be done.”

Sure, I guess it’s sort of funny, but it doesn’t really lead to a good conversation (unless you enjoy getting deep about AC units).

Ideally, pick questions where you can write answers that not only tell people something about you, but something that they can comment on as well. For example, your annual trip to Alaska, or your membership to your neighborhood’s book club. 

While food topics can be basic, answering a question with something about food can lead to a potential date saying something like, “Oh, you love Italian food? There’s a great spot by my office, we should go some time.”

Avoid being pessimistic

When I look at many of the questions, my first inclination is always to respond sort of negatively.

For example: “Change my mind about….men in LA

I also saw this on a guy’s profile: “You should leave a comment if….you’re actually down to hangout eye roll emoji

But this seems sort of counterproductive to me. Yes, as a girl I could play the whole win me over game, but that’s never worked out for me in the long run and it doesn’t really establish a genuine rapport. 

If you’re a guy, responding negatively can come off as a huge red flag, and even make you seem a bit misogynistic. Sure, dating apps can be rough, but having a positive attitude will likely lead to positive experiences (and scare away less potential matches)

Take risks, it will pay off

When I asked my guy friend about Hinge, he said every girl in LA’s profile talks about yoga, dogs and The Office.

On one hand, these are all just widely liked things. On the other hand, these are all safe topics. While you don’t run the risk of turning anyone off with these kinds of responses, you also don’t allow your profile to stand out.

Sure, there are probably a million people who like The Office, but wouldn’t it be even better to find just one person who is as into 90s anime as you are?

Showcase your real personality and interests, even if they’re a little weird. The right person will love you for it, and even the so-called wrong people will think you’re way more interesting than every other profile that mentions loving pizza.

But don’t make sexual innuendos (unless you’re solely looking for sex)

When I first made my Hinge profile, I thought it would be funny to answer, “The way to win me over is…” with “if your boobs are nicer than mine.”

While this is definitely me being myself and open about the fact that I like guys with well-defined chest muscles, it also opened me up to guys answering with stuff like, “well, how do we judge this?” or “Impossible, yours are too nice.”

And I couldn’t even really be mad at them, because by choosing that answer I opened myself up to discussing that topic, but getting into a conversation about something sexual with someone so early totally turned me off to those guys.

As a guy, making a sexual innuendo can be even worse because girls will immediately assume your mind is only on one thing, and it just makes you look skeevy!

I like sexual innuendo as much as the next person, but save them for until you get to know someone a little better (or preferably, until after you’ve gotten intimate with them).

Put time into it, and when in doubt, ask for a second opinion

As we’ve established, answering just a simple three questions can seem daunting and be time-consuming (especially if you’re prone to overthinking), so you might be tempted to just answer them quickly so you can get started swiping.

While you can always go back later to change your answers if you think of something better, I don’t advise just answering them as quickly as possible. Here’s why.

One thing my girlfriends and I like about Hinge is that it makes it easier to filter out who probably isn’t a match for us without solely relying on their photos. A quick reason we might swipe left on someone we’re otherwise attracted to is when we see a typo, a lazily answered question, or even an answer like “there are too many questions here” (Yes, I’ve seen a few like this).

If you’re too lazy to put a little bit of time into answering your three Hinge questions, it gives off a signal to potential matches that you’re too lazy to do a lot of other things, and generally, that’s not a quality people are looking for in a new partner.

If you haven’t answered the questions because you’re worried your answers aren’t great, just ask a friend what they think of your profile. Putting time into writing your best Hinge answers is definitely worth it and will pay off.

Like I mentioned before, you’re not answering your Hinge answers in blood, you can always go back and change them. Instead of overanalyzing your answers too much and worrying you’re going to scare cuties away, look at them as a chance to showcase a bit more about your personality and interests that you can’t always convey via photos.

It’s a chance to meet someone that you really click with, so have fun with it and see where Hinge can take you. A great match is sometimes only one answer away! 

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