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OkCupid Profile Examples for Men: Tips & Templates

Two OkCupid profile examples for men in their 30s.

OkCupid is one of the most popular online dating services out there. As soon as you’re set up, all you have to do is get to swiping and messaging and you’ll be good to go right? Well, almost. As with any dating app, your profile is the first thing daters see when they open the app, so you’ve got to make your first impression count. But where are all the OkCupid profile examples for men to help inspire you?

OkCupid has a more complex profile system that has ten short answer sections. It’s not required to fill them all out, but it’s definitely recommended. And to help you out we’re offering examples and tips for each.

Here are some OkCupid profile examples for men to get your creative juices flowing

OkCupid profile examples for men

Three OkCupid profile examples for men with the descriptions below.My self-summary
I’m a chef by day and actor by night with some time in between for beach bumming. Friends, family, and a cold glass of beer (anything craft) on the weekends are my anchor. Looking for someone who is passionate and hardworking, but knows how to let loose too.

Me, a Haiku
I can play all sports
and work in advertising,
Dinner at seven?

Current goal
I’m working to be a doctor. As you’ve probably heard, it’s…hard, and I don’t have that much time to commit to dating right now. That said I’ll be able to save your life one day, so that’s got to be worth something, right?

Tip 1: Who You Are, What You Do, Where to Find You
This structure is a great way to summarize yourself in a nutshell. Anyone can learn a lot about you from your likes, your job, and your favorite activities. You can write a  longer answer if you’re looking to come off a bit more serious and short if you want your profile to read quippier.

Tip 2: Burning Desire Turns to Hot Date
What’s your passion? What’s your dream job? Are you already doing it? What would you do with a million dollars? These are the things that make you tick and can tell other daters a lot about you. Reach for the stars and then write about it in your bio. Passion is sexy, and everybody likes a dreamer.

Three OkCupid profile examples for men with the descriptions below.

I could probably beat you at
naming Nicolas Cage movies off the top of my head. When I was in 11th grade, I decided I would watch every movie that he’s been in. I did. Mom wasn’t impressed. Message me if you are!

I love this about myself
I haven’t broken a bone in my body. For normal people, that’s a wow. I’m an ex-gymnast and I dance hip-hop, so for me, it’s a miracle. Let’s hope it stays that way *fingers crossed*

My weirdest quirk
I can play almost any wind instrument. I started with sax in school and moved out from there. Want Kenny G on flute? I got you. *Disclaimer: Have not yet attempted bagpipes.

Tip 3: I Can, I Am, I’m Not
This is a classic, and you’ll find it on many excellent OkCupid profile examples for men. This one is for hobbies, interests, and hidden talents. Whether you can do a mean Larry David impression or like to spend the weekends taking woodshop, this approach let’s you talk about what you like to do for fun. Answers can range from goofy to passionate, but should all show off your personality.

Tip 4: Confident, Quirky, and Flirty
Whether it’s singing to your mirror with a hairbrush microphone or putting mustard on your eggs, it’s okay to be a little quirky in your profile as long as it’s you. The person you’re looking for is looking for someone confident in who they are and will find your quirks endearing. Don’t hide what makes you unique. You’ll do better owning it.

Three OkCupid profile examples for men with the descriptions below.

A movie I’ve watched over and over and over again
Zoolander. Blue Steel, Magnum, La Tigra? It’s like Ben Stiller played three roles in one movie. No one can tell me that he’s not a comic genius! I’m still holding out for good ol’ Ben’s comeback.

The tastiest thing I’ve ever consumed
The Impossible Burger, hands down. A meatless burger that tastes like meat is probably the best thing ever. OK, well, that and every ice cream sundae I’ve ever had. How can you beat ice cream?

I value
Friendship. My friends are everything to me. They’ve helped me through a lot and that bond is irreplaceable and a whole lot of fun. Friends first, then everything else after.

Tip 5: Rep It Loud, Rep It Proud
Got an embarrassing favorite middle school band? We all do. Never miss a Giants game? You’re not alone. We’re an entertainment nation and we connect on our movies, music, books, and sports. Pick your faves and shout it out. This is one of the best ways to find common ground.

Tip 6: What Are You About? No, What Are You Really About?
Chances are you value something more than anything. Is it your family? Your faith? Keylime pie? Dealbreakers and dealmakers are real. If you’ve got them, now is the time to let other daters know. Think about what’s important for you and you’ll attract people who feel the same.

Three OkCupid profile examples with the descriptions below.

The last show I binged
Stranger Things! I watched the first two seasons in five days. (Still convinced this is record time.) I’ve had this weird craving for Eggos since…

I should spend less time
Working. Certified workaholic here. I love my job, but there’s life outside of work. Right? Right???

On a typical Friday night I am
Off to the gym, to the home to freshen up, then to the club. I have a habit of catching Saturday Night Fever a day or two early.

Tip 7: Guilty Pleasures
We all have them. From Netflix binges to your favorite conspiracy theory, it’s your hidden loves that make you, you. So celebrate them. People like bonding over vices as much as virtues, and they can make you stand out.

Tip 8: There Aren’t Enough Days in the Weekend
Sunday funday versus lazy weekends? How we spend our free time says a lot. So think about it. When the weekend arrives are you out to the movies, the bar, or the gym? There’s no wrong answer here, only your answer.

Three OkCupid profile examples with the descriptions below.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just got out of a breakup, and I’m just getting back out there for the first time in a while. I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for, but drinks, dinner or bowling sound like a good start.

If I were sent to jail, I’d be arrested for
asking for too many samples at the ice cream shop. I always end up apologizing to the people behind me in line. “I’m a bad role model, kids. Don’t follow in my footsteps.”

You should message me if
You’re looking for something serious. I’ve done the short-term dating thing and no knock on it, but it’s not for me. I’m looking for a genuine connection with someone that thinks it’s okay to (occasionally) eat dinner after midnight. Open to dinner suggestions~

Tip 9: Get Vulnerable
It’s great to be fun and carefree, but we all have our feelings, too. Sharing something vulnerable can sometimes be the quickest way to an open heart, so open up. There’s no shame in putting something private out there.

Tip 10: Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)
If you know what you’re looking for in a relationship, write it in your bio. If you don’t know, well, you can write that too. Honesty is the best policy, and that’s a rule that isn’t changing anytime soon. If you’re straightforward and upfront about what you’re looking for, that’s your best ticket to find it.

These OkCupid profile examples for men are meant to inspire. Unfortunately, the whole thing isn’t an exact science. It may take some tweaking to get your profile just right. The bright side is that time is on your side.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board of online dating profile examples to see more online dating profiles examples for men from different dating sites and apps.

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