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A Roundup of the Best Relationship Podcasts

A girl listening to one of the best relationship podcasts on her phone while on a plane.

One of the best forms of media to emerge in recent years has been the podcast. Podcasting was reportedly invented back in 2004, thanks to Adam Curry and Dave Winer. Since then, hundreds of thousands of podcasts have hit the internet. It’s taking everything great about the radio, but making it a little more user-friendly. As expected, there are plenty of relationship podcasts out there for free.

Relationship podcasts are great because you get insight from experts who are outside of your personal situation. They often explain techniques they’ve tried themselves and open up about topics that you may have been too afraid to talk to a friend about—or even look up on Google.

So, where do you even start? Good question. Here are a few great relationship podcasts you’ll want to subscribe to ASAP.

Dear Sugars.
This relationship podcast, hosted by “Sugars” Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, has a pretty big fan following. Sexless relationships, body weight, sexual fluidity, and ghosting are just a few of the many topics they discuss. Episodes have been re-airing since 2019, but they still seem to be released on a weekly basis. Technically, they stopped recording in 2018 so that Strayed could focus her attention on her next book, but the podcast is still relevant and popular.

The Hotbed.
This podcast focuses mostly on—you guessed it—sex. Available on iTunes, this show mixes up sex experts and comedians to talk about all the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. It’s like MTV’s old show Loveline but in podcast form.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified.
With a public marriage (and public divorce) under her belt, it’s safe to say that actress Anna Faris is more qualified to talk about love than she may realize. On her show, Faris takes relationship questions from listeners and isn’t afraid to open up and be honest about her own life—which is pretty sweet for someone who’s already a public figure.

Sex With Emily.
Even though the title might make you blush, it’s exactly what this podcast is about. Dr. Emily Morse, a doctor of Human Sexuality, discusses sex and relationships, going over everything from vaginal health to the real importance of eye contact. Dr. Morse also has a live show on SiriusXM, if you’d prefer to check her out over there first.

Modern Love.
If you’re a fan of celebrity podcasts, you might want to give Modern Love a shot. The podcast, which is available on iTunes, features celebrities reading essays focused around love and relationships. Ginnifer Goodwin, Anna Chlumsky, Cecily Strong, Zoe Saldana, and Christina Hendricks are just a few of the guests featured on recent episodes.

This Is Why You’re Single.
If you’re looking for dating advice with a touch of humor, This Is Why You’re Single is a great selection. Started up in 2015 and hosted by Laura Lane and Angela Spera, the podcast isn’t afraid to discuss topics from everyday embarrassing moments to dating someone with a disability. 

Why Won’t You Date Me?
If you’ve watched Nailed It! on Netflix, you already know how hilarious Nicole Byer is. So, just imagine what she’d be like in a dating podcast. Probably hilarious, right? Well, you can judge for yourself. Why Won’t You Date Me? focuses on Byer wondering why, after all these years, she’s still single. She brings on a bunch of celebrities to help her figure it out and discuss dating today.

Where Should We Begin?
If you’ve ever thought about seeing a relationship counselor, perhaps you should download an episode or two of Where Should We Begin? The podcast features the audio of anonymous individuals in actual counseling sessions with therapist Esther Perel. It discusses real topics that come up between even the strongest of couples.

U Up?
Humor writer Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid host U Up?, which is a podcast available on Soundcloud that’s all about modern dating. It’s a fun podcast that often brings up the topics of dating apps, dating etiquette, and sex.

The best part about podcasts is that they’re relatively easy to start—and relationship podcasts are always relatable, so there’s plenty of them out there for specific interests and romantic topics. But, these are the best of the best that’ll serve as a great introduction to anyone new to the world of podcasting.

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