A woman at a store picking out furniture because she's at the stage in her relationship where she's ready to move in.

Living with someone isn’t something to jump into—even if you can get a great deal on a one bedroom apartment or already spend most nights together anyway. Aren’t sure whether you and your partner are ready to move in together? Head to the nearest furniture store and ask yourself these 10 questions:

1. Would you trust your partner with picking out some of the items alone or do you feel you’re your input is absolutely necessary?

2. If he wanted the sofa in beige and you wanted it in red, would you be able to negotiate and come to a compromise?

3. Your feet hurt, you’re exhausted, and you really want some Swedish meatballs, but you’ve only gotten to kitchenware. Do you feel comfortable being honest with your partner and telling her that you need a break?

4. You want the cheetah rug, but he wants the zebra print and the disagreement turns into a full blown argument. Can you talk it out and pick one without having to isolate yourselves in opposite corners of the store?

5. When you sit across from each other to try out a set of dining room chairs, can you both envision a future in which you’re still together in more than five years (with or without the same chairs?)

6. You decide to put the furniture together yourselves instead of hiring someone to do it for you. Do you have faith in your ability to work as a team regardless of the difficulty of the job?

7. You’re walking through the decoration section and you pass the world map poster. Can you point to a place you’ve traveled and enjoyed together?

8. After two hours of getting lost, debating pillows, trying out mattresses, and checking price tags, you’re finally paying for the furniture. Are you confident that you could have a discussion about your independent and combined financial state?

9. You pass by another couple getting in a fight over which maroon lamp shade would have the best dimming effect. Do you look at each other and feel impossibly smug because you’ll never be like that?

10. You’re done! Are you both still alive? Do you still love each other? If you’ve answered positively to each of these questions, it sounds like your relationship is definitely ready for furnishings.

Joan Actually

Dating Expert

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