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Why You Should Travel Together…Sooner Rather Than Later

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Before taking the matrimonial plunge or getting more serious with your significant other, you should travel together. We’re not talking about lounging on the beach or overnighting at a bed and breakfast. We’re talking about navigating unknown territory, embarking on a real adventure.

Going traveling together can really benefit a relationship and help you to feel closer in the long run. Below, we’ve put together our top reasons as to why you should travel together, soon rather than later.

Here’s Why You Should Travel Together as a New Couple

1. You’ll learn how your partner handles stress

Traveling always has elements of uncertainty. Will the hotel be okay? How do we exchange money? What if the museum is closed? The answers to these questions, however, are much less important than the way your partner behaves when plans change. Does he or she get angry or dismissive when stress runs high? Or, are you finding a resolution together?

Life together will inevitably have challenging moments. Count yourself lucky if you’ve found someone who can roll with the punches.

2. You’ll find out the little things that you would otherwise only learn over time

Spending an extended period of time together forces habits and personality quirks to surface. You’ll quickly discover what your partner needs to feel comfortable and also what happens when they get exhausted.

You’ll also quickly learn basic living preferences, like how much sleep they need before getting cranky. And, you’ll see their street smarts at play when it comes to navigating and making new friends.

3. You’ll understand your partner’s sense of adventure

While traveling, you’ll experience new things: new food, new people, new surroundings. As exciting as an unknown adventure is, it’s not for everyone. If you’re seeking thrills, and your partner is happy with routine, pay attention! You may not be as compatible as you thought.

4. You’ll have no choice but to let it all hang out

When stomach aches happen on vacation, you’ll have no choice but to live your embarrassing moments in front of your significant other. Getting over the “manners hump” can be challenging, but on vacation, it’s impossible to avoid. Be prepared to understand what true intimacy is all about.

Try Starting With a Virtual Trip

If you’re nervous about jumping into a big travel adventure straight away, test the waters by embarking on a virtual trip with your partner. This can be a great way to try traveling, without any big commitments. If it goes well virtually, you can be confident that you’ll be a good team when it comes to traveling for real!

When you do embark on that adventure of a lifetime, you should learn how your partner behaves in a variety of situations. Remember: planning is key. Get all the pre-travel questions discussed beforehand so you both feel totally ready to set off. Ready to make plans? Let’s go!

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