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When it comes to learning about love, your pet pooch might be teaching you more than you realize. Despite chewing up your new leather shoes and enjoying a drink fresh from the toilet (again), your dog ultimately wants to be your best companion. Take a page out of a pet owner’s playbook and discover these 8 things your dog can teach you about love and relationships.

1. Some training is required.
Your pet–like your partner–wants to please you. But, sometimes, you’ll need to be specific about you want and what you need. Avoid misunderstandings with open lines of communication.

2. Loyalty goes a long way.
Your dog would stick with you through anything right? Good days or bad days, your favorite canine companion is going to love you no matter what. Your partner should feel the same way.

3. Grooming is necessary.
Things can get a little tense when all those missed trips to the groomer catch up with you. Keeping yourself in a presentable fashion will help keep the attraction spark alive between you and your partner.

4. Everyone loves the chase.
Just as dogs love to chase squirrels, it’s natural instinct to chase after a worthy pursuit. When you find the right person, take some initiative and make a move.

5. Be quick to forgive.
No one is perfect. Even the best pet can pee on your favorite rug. When mishaps happen, take a deep breath, clean it up, and go for a walk together to sort it out.

6. Most of us are eager to please…if there is a treat involved!
A behavior that is rewarded is likely to be repeated, so don’t forget to let your honey know when he or she has done something good.

7. Be generous with affection.
A little head rub or back scratch can lull the most stressed out companion into deep relaxation. Show that you care with a hand hold or a hug; you might find it’s all your partner needs after a rough day.

8. Enjoy the little things.
During your time together, your dog isn’t worried about conference calls or checking text messages. Instead, he or she is perfectly content sitting beside you on the couch or watching you cook dinner. Savor these times and appreciate your partner’s company.

Although we can help you meet the love of your life, you might meet a furrier, four-legged runner up at your local animal shelter. To find your canine match, click here to learn who’s waiting for adoption near you.

Posted by Joan Actually in conjunction with Dr. Katherine Miller, director of ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Research.


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