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Trash Talking and Kim Breaks the Internet

Glamour Shot?: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, Kim Kardashian’s attempt to #BreaktheInternet offers much to discuss. While her husband, Kanye West, gives his stamp of approval, we doubt that most significant others would be as supportive.


Too Handsome?: During an interview on the Ellen show, actress Sofia Vergara admitted that she was not into her hunk of a boyfriend, Joe Manganiello, at first because he was “too handsome” (Is there such a thing?).  But looks aren’t everything. “He’s a great guy,” Vergara has said. “He’s very funny, and he’s very entertaining, which is very important for me, because I need to be with somebody who knows how to have fun, because I like to have fun.” She also talked about getting into trouble when she Instagrammed an image from the set of her beau’s new movie Magic Mike XXL. Don’t worry, Sofia. We forgive you.


You Broke Up A Million Years Ago: During an interview with Jenny McCarthy, Nick Lachey explained why not having kids with his first wife, Jessica Simpson, was a blessing. “That was the best thing that could have ever happened– not having kids,” Lachey stated. Since their split in 2005, both have moved on (we thought), remarried, and have had kids of their own. While Lachey discussed not having kids with his ex, Simpson is busy running a billion dollar empire.


Graceful Exit: In the wake of a painful breakup with Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks has found peace with new perspective: When something unexpected happens in your life, or you think something bad happens, just say ‘Plot twist!’ and move on.”


Happy Birthday, Mr. Big: Actor Chris Noth, the character who finally won Carrie’s heart, turned 60 yesterday. We’re expecting grand celebrations complete with cosmos and Manolo Blahnik-clad party girls.


Botched Proposal: To avoid celebrating Singles Day on Nov. 11 (a date chosen because of the four lonely 1’s  in 11/11), one young Guangzhou resident arranged 99 iPhone 6’s in the shape of a heart to propose to his girlfriend. His plan cost him about two years’ worth of his salary (approximately $82,000), and he ended up alone at the end of it all. He has not reported what he’ll do with the surplus of cell phones.

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