Zoosk Singles: How To Meet Your Match The Fun Way

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If you’re on Zoosk or thinking of joining the dating platform, you might be wondering what’s the best way to meet other matches? After all, dating should be fun! One of the best things about this app is that there’re multiple ways to connect with Zoosk singles in enjoyable and easy ways.

Full disclosure, The Date Mix is owned and operated by Zoosk, but this way we can tell you how the Zoosk platform can work for you. Here’s how to meet singles on Zoosk, find your next date, and make sure it’s great.

Discovering Zoosk Singles

One of the best things about Zoosk is that we offer multiple ways to match. You can explore which feature works best for you to meet awesome Zoosk singles. Let’s see how…

Find your next date on Carousel

Carousel is a really fun and fast option to find singles on Zoosk. The swiping feature allows users to see the photo and age of other Zoosk singles and decide whether they like what they see. If you’re someone who likes swiping apps, then this is a feature that you’ll enjoy.

All you’ve got to do is select a quick ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ that will send the other member a notification stating that you would like to connect and ask them if they would like to match with you as well. Not interested? Simply say “no’ and move on.

If you both say ‘yes’, you two become a Mutual Match and your match will show up in your Connections. How exciting! From there, you and your new match can chat and see where things go!

Let the SmartPick™ Algorithm Do the Heavy Lifting

Dating is more fun when you don’t need to peruse too many matches online. Let the matches find you with Zoosk’s SmartPick algorithm, the dating site’s matching algorithm.

SmartPick evaluates the compatibility between two people based on your profile and preferences. The algorithm learns from your “❤” and “X” votes to make better match recommendations in the future so that you’re more likely to find the best singles for you on Zoosk.

It’s pretty simple how it works (it is smart after all). Here’s what you do.

  1. Take a look at the profile that was selected for you based on your personal preferences, and do it as soon as you can as it’s time-sensitive.
  2. Decide if you’re interested in your match and vote with a  “❤” or “X”.
  3. Don’t worry, your vote stays private unless you both vote “❤”, in which case you’ll get the exciting news by email, as well as a message in your Zoosk inbox.
  4. SmartPick is adaptive, which means you want to regularly review your matches and vote every day. This is how the feature learns more about your preferences over time to find your best match.

It’s a quick and fun way to meet singles on the go!

Break the Ice with Super Send

Nothing’s more exciting in dating than getting the conversation started with a new match. But if you’re someone who likes to play the field a little and keep your dating options open, Zoosk’s Super Send is a fun option for you.

With Super Send you get to introduce yourself to a lot of other singles at once. While the hardest part might be selecting the best message to break the ice, that can be exciting too! Once you’ve crafted the perfect opening line, Zoosk will send it to multiple other members for you. The singles who’re interested in connecting with you can then message you back, and now you can start a conversation. 

Chat with People Who are Online Now

If you’re interested in chatting with a potential match ASAP, using the Online Now feature is for you. Here, you can chat with people who are online at the same time as you. Instead of waiting for a match to login and see your message, you’re able to see they’re already online with you.

It’s a great opportunity to see how active and engaged they are with the platform, and allows you to have those flirty, fun conversations throughout the day, open up connections and see if there’s something there!

Dating should be fun!

Zoosk believes that dating should be fun and easy. Millions of singles have chosen Zoosk to find a meaningful relationship (over 3 million active users to be exact). By engaging with Zoosk’s simple and intuitive platforms, there’re more ways to meet singles in your area so you can bring your online connection into real life.

Your big love might only be one match away. Looking for real people with real intentions? We’ve got you. Want to discover Zoosk singles waiting to meet you? Sign up here or download the Zoosk app for Apple or for Android. You deserve to find your perfect match, why not start today.

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