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Zoosk is Colorado’s number-one dating site and app. Unlike other popular apps, we match members based on their compatibility profiles. The result is a curated list of single members who not only match your preferences but are also looking for someone like you.

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Colorado is a beautiful place to live. If you’re a resident here, you get it. Our mountains and waters are pristine. Our cities are vibrant. And there’s really no end to the amazing activities and fun you can find in this state. So, why is dating so hard for so many of us? A better question would be, why is it so difficult to find a worthwhile partner? It doesn’t have to be.

Zoosk is Colorado’s number-one dating site and app. Unlike other popular apps, we match members based on their compatibility profiles. The result is a curated list of single members who not only match your preferences but are also looking for someone like you. Try Zoosk dating for free today. If you like the platform, you can upgrade to a Premium membership and unlock tons of valuable features!

Here’s How Zoosk Works

Start by opening a Basic membership. The site will take you through a series of basic questions about who you are and what you’re looking for. You will then be prompted to add a picture, followed by some more basic questions about your life, what you enjoy, and what your dating preferences are. Within minutes, the site will begin showing you member profiles. 

Our SmartPick technology learns about the profiles you like versus the ones you don’t and improves your search results. Additionally, there is a personality quiz that will lead you to members who match your dating criteria and compatibility profile. We also have Carousel, which is similar to swiping apps but allows you the “maybe” option. 

With a Premium account, you can message other members until you are ready to meet or exchange personal information. This allows you to online date as safely as possible. 

Colorado couple that met while Online Dating

Benefits of Using Zoosk For Colorado Users

If you’re reading this and thinking that Zoosk sounds like other dating apps you’ve used in the past, you’re both right and wrong. Zoosk has many of the features that other sites have but with many upgrades and enhancements. The following features are all available on our platform:

  • Member preferences based on gender, ethnicity, geographic location, height, weight, etc. 
  • We have over 40 million active members, with thousands right near you. 
  • The Basic platform is free to use, and you can experience our site before committing to a premium membership.
  • SmartPick learns from your selections and refines your picks.  
  • Unlimited private messaging for Premium members.
  • The ability to browse other members’ profiles. 
  • Carousel allows you to explore all members of your area, just like other popular dating sites. 
  • Zoosk’s personality quiz makes it easier to match with compatible singles
  • Unlike other sites, Zoosk makes security a high priority. Inactive accounts are reviewed and deleted. 
  • Zoosk uses dating app photo verification and Facebook verification to reduce the occurrence of fake accounts. 

Features of Zoosk

The Zoosk Premium dating plan has the following features.

Live Chat Instant Messenger

This works like DMs or PMs on social media sites. You can send in receive messages in real time. It’s the perfect way to get to know someone without disclosing your private contact information. You can even use it to connect with your date in person. 

View and Upload Unlimited Pictures

While most of our members are seeking a meaningful connection, they are going to want to see what you look like. Use unlimited photos to show your many looks and moods. Premium also allows you to look at all of the other members’ photos. 

Send and Receive Emails

With Zoosk Premium, you can receive email notifications when a member tries to contact you. You can also respond to those emails, which will be forwarded to them via the app. This way, you don’t have to provide your actual email address to members you don’t know. 

Featured Profile Highlighting 

Premium members are able to have their profiles featured by other members. This provides higher visibility and increases the likelihood of matches. 

Smart Match Detection

As you show interest in specific profiles, our matching algorithm begins to learn about your preferences. It will then feature other members’ profiles that match your preferences in your results. 

Access to Our App

Take Zoosk on the move by downloading our app to your mobile device or tablet. The Zoosk dating app has all of our features and has an iOS dating app and Android dating app

Read Receipts 

You can tell when another Zoosk member has read a message that you sent to them.

See Who’s Interested

You will receive a notification when another member has visited your profile. That way, you’ll know who’s been showing you interest. 


Zoosk takes the safety and privacy of our members very seriously. We investigate any violations of our terms of service. We constantly review accounts for signs of abuse or fraud. 

You may see some of these features on other dating sites, but only Zoosk has them all. Try us today and see the difference. 

How to Create the Best Zoosk Profile

The following tips will not only help create your dating profile but also help you stand out and it will increase the likelihood of matching with compatible members. 

Include Plenty of Photos 

Anyone can take one good photo, and Zoosk members know this. Use several photos where your face is clear so members can see what you look like. Make sure your photos are recent. Zoosk will not remove older photos, but it may make your first meeting uncomfortable if your face has changed significantly. Pick posed photos and pictures of you in social situations. Please make sure that you have the permission of anyone whose face is visible. 

Talk About Your Relationship Goals

You might have checked the box saying you’re looking for friendship or marriage, but it probably bears a little more explanation. Write a few lines about your relationship goals and what you want. For example, “I am at a point in my life where I’m looking for someone to settle down with and have a family.” Or, “My children are grown and out of the house. I want a relationship, but I’m no longer looking to raise more children.” Members will find out more about you, and they can determine whether you’re for them or not. 

Use Humor to Draw Interest

Dating profile humor can’t be forced, so if you’re not funny, try to just write out your favorite joke. This one is good for single men without children, for instance: “I love dad jokes, but I don’t have kids. I’m a faux pa.” (You don’t have to use that specific joke)

Turn Negative Statements Into Positives

Your profile should not read like a list of admonishments and complaints. You can tell someone what you don’t like by informing them what you do. For example, many of our members are non-smokers — of course, many smoke, too. Instead of writing “No smokers,” you can turn it into a positive. “I’m looking for someone who takes their health seriously.” One negates a group of people, while the other gets the message across without calling them out. The same goes for physical preferences. Stating that you will not date someone over or under a certain height comes off as rude. Mentioning that you have a specific height presence is much more palatable. “I’m 5’08” and love to wear heels, so I’m looking for someone who’s taller than me.” On the other hand, you can just check the boxes for your physical preferences and avoid the awkwardness of matching with someone who doesn’t meet them. 

Safety Tips For Using a Colorado Dating Site

Setting up a date on Zoosk is easy, but members need to take precautions to ensure their own dating safety. The following suggestions will enable you to meet members in confidence. 

Don’t Disclose Personal Information

There is no reason to provide a potential match with your phone number, address, place of work, email address, or any other private information. Use the messenger function to protect your private information. Once you feel the person out, you can always give them your number. 

Schedule a Call or Video Conference Before You Meet in Person

Are you wondering if the person you’re meeting is real? Or whether or not they look like their photos? Schedule a video call and talk to them for a few minutes before a physical meeting. You can use this as a final screening step before sitting across from them in a restaurant or bar. 

Choose a Public Place to Meet 

Even if you feel confident in your ability to handle a bad situation, it’s always a good idea to meet someone you don’t know in a public space where people are around. Coffee shops, little bars, restaurants, and bookstores are great places to have a conversation with a person for a first date. A park can work if the meeting spot is conspicuous and you’re sure there will be other people around. 

Have a Safety Contact

Many people neglect this step, but it’s an important one. A safety contact is a family member or friend who knows where you’re going. You can check in with the safety contact when you arrive and when you leave. Update your safety person whenever you move to a different location. 

Use Your Own Transportation

Dating online is different than going out with a friend from the office. Do not allow your date to pick you up or drop you at home on your first meeting. If you go to a second location, meet them there.

Why Zoosk is the Right Colorado Dating App

If you live in a large city like Denver, Colorado Springs, or Aurora, you live within miles of tens of thousands of singles, but what are the odds of finding the perfect person for you? Even if you do find someone who is great, you may be leaving a lot to chance. It could take months or years to run into the right person.

Zoosk reduces the randomness of dating. Our app will match you with the exact type of singles you are looking for. We have thousands of members right near you, many of whom are looking for the same thing you are. Sign up for Zoosk Basic to peruse our site for free. Upgrade to Premium to unlock valuable member features.