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If you’re a demisexual or have demisexual leanings, you’ve probably had some difficult experiences when it comes to dating in the modern world. Many singles hope to make an instant connection with someone and quickly move toward a physical encounter. They may not take the time or have the patience to establish the emotional bond that you require. 

Many demisexuals have also been turned off by conventional dating sites and apps, which tend to cater to much less selective members. There is a site/app that demisexuals tend to favor due to the superior matching algorithm: Zoosk.

Zoosk Dating Site and App for Demisexual Users

Because of their nature, demisexuals often have a difficult time meeting someone who appeals to their highly selective nature. Because physical appearance is not of primary importance, profile pictures are largely irrelevant. It’s also impossible to arouse interest from a few words on a profile. This is why most dating apps hold little value for demisexuals. 

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Conversely, Zoosk helps users find matches with similar interests, passions, and intellectual proclivities. New members respond to questions to build their psychological profile. The Zoosk algorithm then matches members based on their stated desires and their compatibility. 

With over 40 million registered users, you have a much greater ability to find a person who appeals to you on all levels. 

Benefits of Using Zoosk for Demisexual Dating

There are several reasons why people who identify as demisexual choose Zoosk over other dating platforms:

Zoosk is Free to Try

With a free basic Zoosk membership, you can build your profile, browse other profiles, and match with other members. It’s a great way to find out who’s in your area.

Zoosk Has An Enormous Active Member Roster

Most demisexuals have a very difficult time trying to meet someone special organically. Even if they are extremely socially active, it’s difficult for them to find someone who sparks even moderate interest. Zoosk places the odds in your favor, giving you potentially hundreds or thousands of viable options in your area. 

Zoosk is Safe 

We take profile complaints seriously, and we are constantly trimming our member roster to eliminate fraudulent accounts and get rid of other bad actors to make sure Zoosk is a safe platform. We remind all of our users to be proactive about their safety. 

Private Messaging to Vet Matches

Take your time to get to know someone before meeting them with private messaging (unlimited on Premium accounts). If you don’t feel a connection with a person, you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of an in-person encounter.

Tips for Finding Compatible Matches as a Demisexual

As a demisexual, you already know the difficulties of trying to find someone who is able to pique your interest. You’re not going to feel it right away. Here are some tips for finding out if that spark is there:

  • Don’t waste time with someone whom you know you’ll never feel attraction to. It’s unfair to them and unfair to you. If you know they aren’t for you, don’t pursue it. 
  • Does the person possess some of the qualities that you’ve found attractive in other situations? If they do, it might be worth having a conversation, at the very least.
  • Keep in mind that you are unlikely to be sexually attracted to people you just met, so don’t make it a priority. Wait until you’re in a little further to determine whether or not the person is sexually attractive to you.
  • Try to be friends first. It may not click for a while, so why not make a new friend? If you later find them attractive on a sexual level, you can always upgrade the relationship. If not, it isn’t a total loss; you’ve earned a friend. 
  • Be honest about your demisexuality. You already know that demisexuals are constantly being accused of being a tease or leading people on. The personal attacks usually come from a position of ignorance and rarely deserve a response. But if you’re honest about your demisexuality, it can help you avoid hurting someone’s feelings or sustaining an unpleasant backlash. 

You should never have to justify your lack of sexual interest or defend who you are. We understand how challenged you feel when it comes to dating. Our objective is to ease that difficulty as much as we possibly can. 

Safety Precautions Zoosk Takes for Demisexual Users and All Members

Zoosk is one of the safest dating platforms available on the market. Premium members must provide their identification through their method of payment. We review all member complaints about behavior or abuse within 24 hours of receiving them. Additionally, we review accounts for unusual activity. 

Like all websites, a few bad actors will always find a way to bypass our security, even if it’s only on a temporary basis. The following tips will help you remain safe while you search for someone who you can connect with on a personal level. 

Take Your Time

Not only is this a good idea for dating in general, but it’s also a necessity for demisexuals. While you are proceeding slowly to ensure that meeting a potential match is worth it, you can also learn whether they’re a safe person or not. If they are impatient, you know that they probably aren’t a good fit. 

Schedule a Video Call Before Meeting

One of the more unfortunate realities of online dating is that there are many fraudsters out there who will misrepresent themselves to take advantage of the good nature of others. Before you put forward the effort to meet someone in person, ask them to join you on a Zoosk live video call date. This will also help you avoid catfishing. 

Be Clear that Your First Date will Not be Romantic

If you’re uncomfortable telling someone who you don’t know well that you’re a demisexual, tell them that you want to take things slowly. This means that the first face-to-face is just a warmup for a potential date. For safety, make sure that the date takes place in a public space in a location that’s comfortable for you. 

Do Not Go to a Private Location Until You’re Ready

There are two reasons for this. The first is for your personal safety. People are much less likely to be rude or aggressive in public spaces, and it’s much easier to leave if the encounter is going poorly. In addition, it allows you to control the pace. 

Keep Your Personal Information Private 

This is more of a general rule than one that’s specifically intended for demisexual people. You shouldn’t need to provide more than one piece of contact information during the initial part of your interactions, and then only after you’re ready to disclose it. Never disclose financial information to a person you are not involved with. View any requests for cash as a warning sign that the person may be a scam artist. 

How to Navigate the Online Dating World as a Demisexual

The dating pool is vast for demisexuals, but it’s much more difficult to connect to viable dating partners. It’s a paradox. Here are a few ideas to help you find someone who’s compatible with you:

  • Cast a wide net. Try to match with many people. You will cross most of them off your list quickly, but hopefully, a few will catch your interest at some level. 
  • Start with a friends-first approach. Not everyone you meet will be interested in this, but that’s a good screening criterion for you. 
  • Decide how much you want to disclose about your demisexuality in advance. You may not want to be completely upfront about it for your own reasons. Just have a plan for broaching the subject. 
  • Guage what the potential match knows about demisexuality. Don’t assume that they know what demisexuality is. You might be surprised at some of the responses you get.

You may find yourself in a position where you know that the other person is someone you would like to get to know at a deeper level. Before you commit, make sure that they understand what dating you entails. 

Tips for Dating a Demisexual

You’ve met someone on here who wants to connect with you, and they tell you they’re a demisexual. What do you do? Here are some tips for dating someone who identifies themselves as a demisexual. 

  • Respect the person. Demisexuality isn’t just a mood. It’s who they are. If they disclosed this to you, they probably think you’re a good match. Show them that you are. 
  • Demisexuals have to set the pace. This isn’t because they don’t respect your side of things. They have a need to get to know potential partners at a deeper level. 
  • Decide whether this is right for you. You may have to wait longer for intimacy than you’re used to. You may also feel like you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Dating demisexuals isn’t for everyone, so do a little self-evaluation. 
  • Be sure you like the person. Once a demisexual starts bonding with you, it can be extremely painful for them if the relationship doesn’t work out. It’s not something you should take lightly. 
  • Read articles that talk about the experiences of demisexuals. It may give you insight into their history and help you to avoid common pitfalls. 

Dating a demisexual can be extremely gratifying. If you find one who you connect with, it probably says quite a bit about your character and personality. 

Zoosk Dating Sites and Apps vs. Alternative Demisexual Dating Sites

The Zoosk dating site is designed to match members based on compatible traits. Other sites base their algorithms primarily on geography and age range designators. This might work for most people, but demisexuals usually need to find deeper meaning in their connections. 

Try the Zoosk dating site or app (iPhone Dating App or Andriod Dating App) today and increase your odds of meeting the right person for you.