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What Is Zoosk Live?

Zoosk Live is a live streaming platform where you can connect in real-time online. Discover more about interesting topics and grow your network while you view and create content, message and chat, give and receive gifts, date, and enjoy streaming events and battles.

It’s a whole new social environment for creating and connecting in different and interesting ways. And at Zoosk, we know you’re here to meet someone special. So, we aim to make it easy and enjoyable, as dating today should be. The Zoosk Live community is on hand to bring compatible singles together live and online. This is a chance to get a feel for someone beyond a series of predictable text messages. 

To put it simply, it’s the place to meet new people and date in fresh and fun ways. On Zoosk Live, make instant connections with like-minded people, meet attractive singles, enjoy stream events and engage with an interactive Zoosk live streaming community. As a feature on Zoosk iOS and Android apps, here’s how you can play, all from the palm of your hand

How Does Zoosk Live Work?

All Zoosk app users can access Zoosk Live, regardless of subscription type. Simply tap on the Zoosk Live tab on the menu and let the adventure begin. From here, take part as a viewer or a streamer.

Start Today and Connect With Your Community

With Zoosk Live, click and connect with users from all over the world, expect the unexpected, and bring the thrill back to dating. And in this free new world with its partners across platforms, you have an even greater chance of meeting someone who gets you.  

The way we date and build relationships has evolved, and Zoosk Live is here with a fun, social environment to make limitless and instant connections. Offering dating, streaming, and entertainment, join Zoosk Live for a thriving community and social dating site. Try it out to discover real connections online – be it your partner in crime or fun new friends.

Heart Your Favorites and Create New Connections

You have the power to decide what you’re into with the Filter icon to set the genders, locations, and languages you’re interested in. And once you find the streams you’re feeling, favorite them using the Star icon. They’ll automatically be added to your Favorites tab. You can also heart streams you enjoy, so the streamer knows you’re liking what they’re putting out.

What’s Live on Zoosk Live? 

To find live content that catches your eye, use the Search function or browse through existing categories. Search out streams and discover people who share similar interests using these categories: 

Trending: Check out what’s hottest on Live right now
Nearby: Find streamers that are close to you
Date: Meet other singles and see what happens
New: Browse through fresh streams for new content
Favorites: Your own curated collection of favorite streams
Leaderboards: Enjoy content from the most successful streamers

Share the Love With Gifts and Diamonds

Show your love by sending virtual gifts to streamers you’re a fan of or have a crush on. Gifts can be purchased using Live Credits bought on the platform. Once you top up your credits, choose what you’d like to spoil your favorite streamer with, be it a drink or a racey red car, there’re lots of fun options out there.

Gifts are a great way to catch someone’s attention and support content you enjoy, and you obviously can also be spoiled by gifts yourself. So don’t be shy to gift away. And if you like to wear your heart on your sleeve, heart a stream you’re into as many times as you like. Zoosk Live is here to help people feel good about what they’re putting into the world and connect with each other in new ways. 

And the more active you are on the platform, the higher up the levels you move, each level opening up new opportunities, both as a streamer and a viewer. With Zoosk Live, engage in modern ways to share the love, show appreciation, and get spoilt. 

As streamers are tipped with gifts, these gifts are converted into Diamonds.  And once a streamer reaches a certain threshold, Diamonds can be exchanged for Live Credits or paid out in real money.

Want to Become a Streamer Yourself? 

If you’re feeling creative, stream your own live content and see the viewers watching or hearting you. We know streaming can seem intimidating, but the most important thing to keep in mind is just to be you – you’ll get the hang of it in no time! It’s a free world to put yourself out there in bold, new ways and let your inner star shine.

It’s also an easy and accessible way to strike up a conversation and make new connections. While streaming, tap the eye icon to take a peek at whose viewing and enjoying your content. And while you’re at it, see sent hearts and how many. From here, say hello to any of your viewers and see where it leads.

As simple as that, you can use the platform to meet local singles, make new friends, or enjoy international dating right from the comfort and convenience of your own sofa.

Think You’re the Best? Battle It Out or Back Your Fave

Another way to get in on the action is a stream ‘Battle’. A battle is a competition between two users recognized by the VS symbol. Viewers tip gifts to the streamer they think is the best, and the winner is the one with the most Diamonds by the end. So, get out there and shine bright like a diamond! 

Want to Date on Zoosk Live?

Let’s bring back the excitement of surprise with limitless and instant ways to date today. And on Zoosk Live, we’re proud of the extensive singles membership. As we share the platform with users from other apps, it gives you even more chances to click over a stream, event, or online speed dating. With such a large singles community, your one in a million might be closer than you think. 

Here you can build and develop connections and relationships with other streamers, interact with Zoosk Live features, give gifts, and stream yourself. Alternatively, get straight to the point with NextDate or try the Blind Date feature if you dare… 


Let the games begin with the NextDate feature, virtual speed dating with an audience to spice it up. Start playing by going Live, and tapping the Date tab. Keep the ball in your court by starting your own date stream, or heart other users, and join theirs. Ask potential matches prompted questions with the clock ticking to decide who you wanna take the next step with. The audience can rate your date in real-time, but if the chemistry is heating up, move it over to a private video chat. Nothing like online speed dating to get the heart racing!  

Blind Date

And if you’re feeling daring, turn on the Blind Date toggle, where you can hear but not see your match. As it goes on the video becomes less and less blurred until you see your date just as time runs out or you choose to go on a private date with them. Up the ante with Zoosk Live, a dating experience made for 2021.

Zoosk Live: Enjoy a Safe and Secure Environment

To maintain a respectful and positive online community, streams are systematically moderated. If a streamer or viewer is found to be in breach of our Content and Conduct Policy, it can lead to a permanent or temporary ban. 

We want you to feel happy and safe in this environment, to express yourself without fear of bullying or hate speech. Pornography, illegal activities, and minors are also not allowed. We do our best to keep you feeling secure online so you can be free to be yourself out there.

Dating can be challenging enough as it is, and we know that the pandemic has changed the way we live and date today. We’re here to take the anxiety out of it and bring some excitement back with Zoosk Live! Discover now and see where it can take you…

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