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Our A-Z Guide To Zoosk Live: Everything You Need To Know

As you probably know by now, Zoosk Live is our popular livestreaming platform where everyone is heading to connect with an exciting online community of streamers. Whether it’s watching shows, battling or getting in on the gifting action, there’s a lot going on! 

If you’ve taken one look at Zoosk Live and didn’t have a clue what was going on, or if you want to refresh your memory about what’s what, you’ve come to the right place. In our A-Z Guide to Zoosk Live, we break it all down, term by term, so you know what it’s all about, who’s doing what and how to have fun connecting with streamers and fellow viewers from all over the world.


Battles are a fun feature that let streamers ‘battle’ one another in 3-minute sessions with small breaks between. Sometimes the streamers are just talking about a topic/battling with other streamer friends, and sometimes the battles are for high-stakes contests. The next time you see your favorite streamer is in battle mode, jump into the chat and support them!


An option within NextDate, our speed dating feature, where you can blur your video when chatting with the streaming host. During the 90-second virtual date, they can hear you, but not see you. Your face will only be revealed if they choose to ‘date’ you, or when your time runs out. This is the perfect way to ease into speed dating in front of a virtual crowd. 


A special role assigned by a streamer to protect their stream from any negativity. How can you become a bouncer? Start by interacting with your favorite streamers by joining in the conversation during their stream, plus sending them virtual hearts and gifts, to build a connection with them and you might just bag this coveted position!


Another type of competition for streamers. They battle one another to top the leaderboards on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. During this time, there are various contests for streamers to compete against other streamers. The streamer whose community shows them the most support during a contest, either by helping them earn the most diamonds or sending them a specific gift, e.g a dragon, is crowned the winner. 


Diamonds are the currency of streamers. Viewers buy credits which they then gift to streamers. A 10-credit gift sent by a viewer equals 10 diamonds for a streamer. It’s all about the diamonds in the world of streamers – will you be the next top streamer?


Credits are the main currency of the Zoosk Live viewer/gifter. If you want to support your favorite streamer with a big or small gift, purchase a package via the Zoosk app for various amounts of credits. These credits can be used to purchase gifts sent to the streamers. 

One thing to bear in mind is that Live Credits can only be used in Zoosk Live and aren’t the same as Coins, so you can’t swap them for Coins or use them to buy Boosts or Premium Messaging.


In the Zoosk Live world of gifting, the dragon is simply the biggest prize of them all! The Dragon has the coolest and longest animation of any animated gifts in Zoosk Live and therefore costs the most. 

There are 3 types available – the standard Fire Dragon, the Ice Dragon and the Lightning Dragon. Which one will you send to your fav streamer?


Fans are the users who have favorited a streamer. You can see the number of fans a streamer has by clicking on their profile. If you’ve favorited a streamer, you’ll receive a notification when they go live so you can tune in every time.


A list of your favorite streamers. When you find a streamer you’re interested in, pop them on your list by tapping the star icon while you’re viewing their stream or hit ‘Favorite’ in their profile. We’ll message you every time they start streaming so you’re always in the loop.

Also, when you open Zoosk Live and go to the ‘Favorites’ list in the top navigation, you can see if any of your favorite streamers are online right now.


The way you make sure you never miss the streamers you love! Add them to your Favorites list by tapping the star icon while viewing their stream or tapping ‘Favorite’ on their profiles to show them you enjoy what they do. The next time they go live, you’ll be notified so you can tune in and join the conversation!


Where you can find streamers who we think you’ll like based on what you’ve previously viewed. It’s a great way to discover more streamers and become part of the community on Zoosk Live. Select one at random and see what happens when you interact with them.


Virtual rewards you send to your favorite streamers. Each gift is like a tip for them and will be converted to diamonds, which they can exchange for Live Credits or cash rewards.

Use your Live Credits to buy gifts that vary in dollar value. The higher the value of the gift, the better the animation quality, with the best ones being recognized the most by streamers. There’s no better way to join and participate in a community than with a fun gift. 


As you use the Zoosk Live feature as a viewer, your viewer level grows. When you reach the next level, you’ll unlock an exciting set of new gifts that you can use for gifting. These gifts are exclusively available to viewers of that level or higher.

Go Live!

Hit this button to start your own livestream! Chat about how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, the things you love, or a trending topic. Build connections with your viewers by welcoming them to the stream, asking them questions and encouraging them to tell you what they want to know about you. It’s all about going with the flow, having fun and meeting new people!


A breakdown of the best streamer activity and active contests! See who has earned the most diamonds using different filters – live now, today, this week and all time.

For those who want to dig deeper, you can also check out who’s winning current contests and who topped the leaderboard for past contests. If you like their profiles, hit the star icon to favorite and follow them.


The section where you find the streamers you impressed and matched with on NextDate, our virtual speed dating feature. Click on their profiles to enjoy a 1:1 private date with them, but don’t wait around for too long because you only have a short time to chat with them in this way!


The most exciting gift of them all as there’s a chance for the receiver to win big! Here’s how it works: you send a mystery wheel of any value and it spins for the streamer you’ve sent it to. The wheels have various gifts on them, with most being the same value you spent on the wheel. However, two of the gifts will be the most valuable gifts available, like a dragon. The streamer could receive a huge reward for a small gift – spin one and see today!


Watch streamers going live in your area. Scroll down to find someone you’re interested in, see how many miles away they are (pin icon in the top-left corner of their tile) then click on the tile to join their stream. Get a conversation going by telling the streamer you’re also a local!


There are three types of streamers on Zoosk Live, starting with a newbie. A newbie has just started their journey of building a live community in the Zoosk Live network. Newbies get support from us to help them grow their audience. The next stop for a successful newbie is a promo streamer and after that, a top streamer!


Our virtual speed dating feature, with a live audience cheering you on! You get 90 seconds to chat with the host and if you impress them, they’ll match you. Your date will then be added to the ‘My Dates’ section for a short time only, so make it count!

To try NextDate, look for ‘NextDate’ displayed at the bottom of their tile. Join their stream then either tap on the heart icon in the bottom right or on the ‘Put yourself here’ box. You might have to join a waiting list if the streamer is super popular!

NextGuest – Coming Soon

Similar to NextDate, but without the dating element. It’s a social feature giving streamers the chance to chat with anyone who’s watching their stream for 90 seconds. It’ll be the speediest way to make new friends around the world!


Promo streamers are the second type of streamer on the Zoosk Live network after newbies. After successfully growing their audience, we promote promo streamers across the platform to help them reach top streamer status! 


The feature a streamer uses to bring a viewer or fellow streamer into their stream to chat to them. The person appears in a small box to the right, i.e. a side stream.


Scheduled streams by top streamers on a range of topics. Whatever you’re looking for – expert dating advice, travel tips, beauty tricks or live video tutorials – you’ll find it on Zoosk Live around the clock! Check out the sliding banners at the top of the ‘For You’ home screen to see what’s coming up and when.


Where you provide all your social media handles if you’d like streamers and viewers to connect with you on other platforms. Tap the spanner icon in the bottom-left corner of your home screen and then tap ‘Social Media’. You can also find others’ handles in their profiles.


How we refer to your video when you go live. Scroll down each section of Zoosk Live to see all the streams available at that time.

When a streamer grabs your attention for whatever reason – they’re in battle mode, speed dating with NextDate or are looking hot – tap on their photo to join in the fun and become part of their community!


Anyone who hosts streams, whether they’ve only done it once or do it daily. There are thousands of streamers around the world, some of whom have earned millions of diamonds and hundreds of thousands fans through building their communities.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you haven’t tried streaming yet, now’s the perfect time to switch your status from viewer to streamer!


Just like with viewer levels, streamers reach higher levels the more they use Zoosk Live. With each streamer level, they get access to more features and filters to help spice up their streams.


The top level of streamers based on weekly activity. Top streamers typically have a strong community and following, and generate a regular amount of diamonds in contests or through chatting.


Where to discover the most popular streamers going live right now. You’ll find some of them going up against another streamer in Battles, others trying NextDate or a few doing their own thing. Pick someone who catches your eye and see why they’re trending!


That’s you! You can also see who’s viewing each stream by tapping the eye icon in the top-left corner once you’ve joined. If you’re curious about your fellow viewers, simply click on their name to find out more.


Your status as a viewer. As you join more streams, go live, interact with the community and send virtual gifts, your viewer level improves. The more active you are on Zoosk Live, the more experience points, or XP, you earn. Rise up the ranks from rookie to legend, unlocking exclusive gifts as you go along!


VIP levels are for super active gifters and are based on the amount they spend, i.e. Green, Purple and Black. There are plenty of perks available, too!

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