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Let’s Talk About Zoosk Live Gifts: How To Show Your Love 

If you’ve taken the leap and joined our new livestreaming platform, Zoosk Live, we want to help make it even simpler to navigate. And with so many great streamers to interact with, we know you can’t wait to get involved, so we’ve compiled a gifting guide for you. 

If you’ve joined a few streams on Zoosk Live and have been wondering what the heck is going on with the floating hearts, flowers and food items, we’re here to demystify virtual gifts for you! Once you’ve learned everything there is to know about these virtual tokens of appreciation for your favorite streamers, and how you could be rewarded by other streamers for sending them, you’ll be raring to go. And as we all know, gifting is a great way to show your love, online and in real life. 

First things first, what are hearts?

Hearts are free gifts you can send to a streamer to show them you like what they’re doing or saying. This could range from dancing along to their favorite song to going head-to-head with another streamer in a Battle to see who can win the most points for being the best streamer. 

To send a single virtual heart, tap on the heart icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Really into this streamer? Send multiple hearts at once by tapping and holding down the heart icon. It’s free to send hearts, so don’t hold back on spreading the love!

OK, that’s easy. What are gifts?

These are virtual tokens of appreciation you can send to the streamers you like – there’s absolutely no limit on the total number of virtual gifts you can send! Each gift is like a tip for them and will be converted to Diamonds, which they can exchange for Live Credits or cash rewards. 

Use your Live Credits to buy gifts that vary in dollar value. Receiving gifts allows streamers to gain more exposure and, in turn, sending a gift will help get you noticed by them! Check out our Zoosk Live Q & A to learn more about the benefits of our gifting options.

Zoosk Live Gifts

Got it. Now, what are exclusive gifts?

As you join more streams, go live, interact with the community and send virtual gifts, your viewer level improves. The more active you are on Zoosk Live, the more experience points, or XP, you earn. When you rise up the ranks from Rookie to Legend, you unlock exclusive gifts as you go along!

Exclusive gifts are a step up from popular gifts like pizzas, roses and butterflies – think dinosaurs, dancing pineapples, castles, planes and much more. Increase your chances of getting noticed by top streamers when you send them exclusive gifts. And basically, exclusive gifts can just up the fun factor even more!

Next question – what are static gifts?

There are two types of virtual gifts available to you as a viewer – static and animated. Think of static gifts as emojis. When you send them to a streamer who’s doing or saying something you like and you want to show them your appreciation, they appear in the chat stream as a flat, still image – just like sending an emoji when texting a friend.

What are animated gifts?

The other type of virtual gifts you can purchase with Live Credits and send to streamers are animated gifts. Unlike static gifts, these ones come to life on screen when you press Send. For example, if you choose to send some confetti to congratulate a streamer who has just shared some amazing news, you’ll see animated shapes exploding all across your screen. 

And this isn’t just visible to you – everyone in the chat stream will be able to see what you sent. The streamer will probably give you a shout-out to thank you for sending them a virtual gift. Give it a try and see what happens!

One more thing – what are dragons?

So, we’ve covered hearts, exclusive gifts, static gifts and animated gifts. What on earth are dragons now? To put it simply, dragons are the biggest and baddest virtual gifts you can purchase and send to streamers – basically, they’re the most valuable virtual gifts in terms of Live Credits and dollars. 

To find them, jump onto any stream, click the ‘Gift’ icon in the bottom-right corner then scroll through the available gifts in the Popular section to the end. There you’ll see three types of dragons – the ice dragon, the fire dragon and the lightning dragon. Each one differs in value. The next time one of your favorite streamers goes live, consider sending them a virtual dragon to show them just how much you love what they do – they’ll be so grateful that their streams have such a positive impact on you!

So that’s a wrap on all things gifts related on Zoosk Live. If you’re looking to learn more about this exciting platform, check out our Zoosk Live introduction, or don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow community members online and ask them for their best tips and advice! 

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