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10 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples (That Aren’t Dinner)

A couple who used one of these date night ideas for married couples, watching the sunset on the beach.

The longer you’ve been in a relationship for, the harder it can be to create a sense of fun and adventure when it comes to date nights. As a married couple, having date nights are a great way to keep the romance alive, and ensure you have quality time together. But if all you’re doing is going to dinner at the same restaurants over and over it can become snooze fest really quickly.

So what else can you do?

Here are some date night ideas for married couples that might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Movie Night
You could head to the cinema, or even one of those fancy cinemas that serve you dinner while you watch a movie; or you could plan your own movie night at home.

Pick a movie or two, stock up on snacks like popcorn, nachos, sweets, and ice cream; grab a cozy blanket to snuggle under, and voila—you’ve brought the movies to you!

Romantic Picnic
Pick a peaceful local spot—maybe a botanical garden or a pretty park — and prepare a gourmet picnic to take with you in a basket. Get your favorite things to eat (keep it simple), bring a bottle of wine, and a blanket to rest on. You could even bring a couple of candles with you to set the mood.

This is one of the most inexpensive date nights you can have, and you get to enjoy being in nature and drinking in the lovely scenery—something which most restaurants can’t compete with.

Take a Cooking Class
If both of you enjoy cooking, this could be a really fun thing to do. There are so many places where you can attend a cooking class led by an amazing chef, meet some new people, and then eat all the delicious things you just learned how to cook.

Plus, you can bring your new-found skills and recipes back home, and continue making new and exciting dishes.

Visit an Art Gallery or Museum
Take a look at the exhibitions on right now, and see if anything takes your fancy. Art galleries and museums are a wonderful way to have a cultural experience, learn something new, or even just broaden your horizons.

They also tend to be free of children, especially in the evenings, and therefore quiet and peaceful—perfect for date night!

Attend a Live Gig
Hopefully the two of you have at least one band, artist, or genre of music that you’re both into. Have a look and see if there’s a gig or concert on that you might both enjoy going to. Gigs are a great way to enjoy each other’s company, and feel inspired.

You might even want to go one step further and find a music festival you could both attend together.

Go to the Theater
There’s a huge variety of shows at the theater, and there’s bound to be something you’ll both enjoy watching. Even if this feels a little out of your comfort zone, give it a go, because it’s all about having new experiences together as a couple.

Go for a drink or dinner before or after the show, and enjoy being transported to a different world for a night.

Cook a Three Course Meal at Home
This is still dinner, but it’s so much more than just dinner! I’m talking about pulling out all the stops—planning a starter, main, and dessert; getting dressed up; setting the table nicely; and creating a really romantic ambiance in your own home.

This can make such a difference instead of just cooking dinner, or going out for a meal, because there’s a lot more thought and effort going into it. 

Schedule an In-home Couples Massage
Spa sessions are amazing, but how about you bring the spa to your front door? There are lots of freelancers and even companies that will send a masseuse straight to your door. They’ll bring all the equipment that they need, and tidy up everything after they go. You could pretend you’re in a fancy hotel for the night, and enjoy dinner in your bathrobe after!

Go for a Walk on the Beach and Watch the Sunset
This works best on a clear sky day, when you know you’re going to actually be able to see the sunset. You could tie this in with having a picnic too, or simply enjoy walking together by the ocean, and soaking up the beauty surrounding you.

Take this time to really connect to each other, and enjoy each other’s company.

Recreate Your First Date
This idea is super romantic and nostalgic—and who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia, right? Cast your mind back to your very first date ever. Where did you go? What did you do? You might even decide to combine a few of your first dates together to make it more exciting.

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