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Quarantine Date Ideas For When You Don’t Know What To Do


Having some creative quarantine date ideas up your sleeve is key to maintaining an interesting (and safe) love life this year. 

Whether you and your partner are looking for new home date night ideas or you’re single and hoping for a fun activity to test the waters with your crush, we’ve the perfect suggestion for you.

Here are our pointers on how to make a quarantine date one to remember. 

6 Great Quarantine Date Ideas 

Revisit some childhood games 

When was the last time you played Crazy 8? Or Go Fish? Or 20 Questions? 

It may sound silly, but playing these childhood games can make for a great lockdown date idea. Better yet? You two can play these games in person or over a video call, so it’s suitable for every couple and comfort level.

When you’re dating someone over video call it’s natural to feel nervous, particularly if you haven’t met each other IRL before. These games serve as fantastic icebreakers. 

Kicking off the date with one of them will provide you with great first date conversation from the get-go and distract you from any first date butterflies you may be feeling. 

Put a spin on the games to make them as intimate or as adventurous as you like. It’s a surefire way to discover if your date has the same sense of humor as you.

Have a romantic dinner in

Just because you two are having a dinner date at home or over video doesn’t mean it can’t be special. 

Turn off the television, light some candles, and dress up! Behave just as you would if you were going to a restaurant. Having a positive attitude is key to having successful lockdown dates!

Don’t worry if you’re socially distancing, you can complete your dinner date over a video call. Just make sure to prop your laptop or phone up first so that you don’t have to hold it throughout the evening.

Are you a passionate cook? Why not choose a recipe for you and your date to cook and prepare it together over a video call or IRL?

Or if you’re not a pro in the kitchen, then order in from the same restaurant. To make things more exciting, you could even choose each other’s orders! Just make sure to run through any dietary restrictions first.

Go on a picnic 

If you and your crush feel comfortable meeting in public or if you live together, then going on a safe, socially distanced picnic can be a great idea. 

For long-term couples, it gives you a reason to get out of the house. For new dates, it’s a safe way to meet in person which allows you to still stay at a distance. 

Why not pack some delicious snacks and a bottle of wine? Or pick up some takeaway coffees nearby and have those instead?

Don’t worry if it’s chilly out, simply wrap up in your winter coat and bring a flask and a cozy blanket to keep warm.

Watch a movie together 

There’s a reason that going to see a movie is a classic date idea and there are many ways to watch a movie with your crush during the quarantine. 

Sure, if the rules allow for it you can watch a movie on your couch, but if that’s not an option you can also watch a movie apart, but together

Syncing up a movie or show at the same time is simple. You can use a tool like Netflix Party or just start them together. 

And if the technology is not your strong suit, why not text each other during the movie or make notes into a shared doc to discuss later instead? 

Watch a concert together

Are you a music fan? If so, then watching a concert together online is one of our top quarantine date ideas.

Since artists are currently unable to perform to live audiences, many of them have made past (or new) performances available online. 

Find out if you and your date have a favorite artist in common and see if that artist has a virtual concert coming up. If they don’t, simply watch a prerecorded performance on YouTube. 

Attend an online workout class together

Since the pandemic, there are loads of great ways to workout online. 

Whether you’re a yoga fanatic or a HIIT fan, there’s a class out there for everyone to enjoy. That’s why it’s one of our top quarantine date ideas.

Talk to your date about what kind of exercise they’re into. Then, reserve two spots in an upcoming online class. 

Tons of studios offer introductory classes for free, so you may even have a successful first date free of charge!

If you and your date would prefer something a little more intimate, then book a private class with an instructor. It’ll give you more one on one time and probably a better workout too!

Dating during COVID-19 is new territory for all of us, but that doesn’t mean your love life is canceled!

Instead of putting your love life on pause, keep these quarantine date ideas up your sleeve and sweep your crush off your feet. Good luck!

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