Help: When Do I Make a Move?

Want to know when to make a move? Our expert answers men's dating questions.

Dear Joan,

Date is going well. Can’t tell if she’s friendly or if it’s more. Should I go in for the kiss? If yes, when do I make a move?


Unlike approaching a woman, deciding when to make a move requires some intel. It gets a little tricky because you’ll need to rely on signals instead of directions, so I want you to watch for visual, verbal, and physical cues.

Visual: Is she smiling a lot are you getting lots of eye contact? I hope so.

Verbal: Is she talking about future plans with you? Are you getting lots of compliments—all good signs.

Physical: Is she touching you? If so, you’re golden.

If you’re getting one or any combination of these signals, test the waters by leaning in. If she responds in kind then go ahead and make your move with confidence. If you act shy or embarrassed when you kiss your date, she’s going to feel weird about it too. So, kiss her with confidence and call it a night.

Getting physical with someone and getting to know someone take time, but when you’re focused on the long game, there’s no rush.

Still confused? Watch and learn.


Joan Actually

Dating Expert

Joan is a writer and dating expert.

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