Should I Change My Relationship Status on Facebook?

She wants you to change your relationship status on Facebook, but you're not ready.

Dear Joan,

She wants to be in a Facebook relationship. I’m not into broadcasting this kind of info, but I like her. Should I tell her “no” or do I just go with it?  

Social media adds a ton of pressure to new relationships. There’s this common misconception that the pictures you post somehow reflect the health of your relationship and reveal how much you like your partner.

Although you’ve decided to take a more private approach, your lady needs to understand why you feel awkward about posting the status. If she doesn’t, you’re going to end up annoyed that she keeps asking about this, and she’s going to continue to feel badly that you aren’t making the changes she wants to see.

Think about it from her perspective. She’s asking for the Facebook status change, but the subtext of her request is to make sure that you’re just as invested in the relationship as she is–the change in status is just a check point.

Have a conversation with her about the way you feel. Giving her reassurance will help her feel more secure, even if you you don’t plan on changing your status.

Remember: These kinds of things are best handled privately between you two before they’re shared publicly with 500 of your closest friends.

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