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Compliments for a Girlfriend: 4 Tips Every Man Should Know

A woman taking a compliment from a man and looking happy.

Since all the ladies love some verbal admiration, it’s time to polish your skills and learn how to come up with great compliments for women. Delivering a great compliment will help you break from regular conversation and create a deeper connection. Follow these 4 tips to deliver more meaningful, memorable, and effective flattery.

Tip #1: Consider timing.
Delivering a compliment at the beginning of your date will help set the tone of the evening. She spent time getting ready for you, so take a moment to acknowledge the way she looks. The quick feedback will help ease any initial awkwardness and help you both relax. No need to make a grand statement or lay it on thick. A simple remark will perform beautifully.

The Jim Halpert: “You look really pretty. It’s good to see you.”

The Don Draper: “You are the most beautiful woman in this room. And you’re here with me.”

Tip #2: Make it meaningful.
The worst kind of compliment is a fake one. If you’re complimenting her to win her affection, you’ll fall short. Instead, only say something when you are genuinely impressed. Don’t make up lines or repeat something you’ve heard, tell her how you really feel.

The Jim Halpert: “I think you have a really nice laugh. I want to tell you funny stories just to hear it.”

The Don Draper: “With a laugh like that, no wonder everyone loves being around you.”

Tip #3: Notice something subtle.
If you noticed her smile immediately, chances are, the other guys did too. Make your compliments stand out. Focus on something less obvious like her voice, her dimples, or her curls; bring up her unique features.

Remember, if she remembers your compliment, she’s more likely to remember you.

The Jim Halpert: “I like your braids—they look cute.”

The Don Draper: “Wear your hair like that again. I like seeing your shoulders.”

Tip #4: Notice her unique abilities.
Go beyond her physical attributes and focus on other ways she stands out. Find out how she achieves her success and build your compliments around these meaningful traits.

The Jim Halpert: “You planned another field trip? I bet all your third graders love you.”

The Don Draper: “I’m impressed you can manage so many children and their parents. It takes a special person to handle that.”

Some No No’s:

– Commenting on her lady parts is not sexy. “Wow, great rack!” is tacky and inappropriate.
– Don’t compliment more than one thing at a time—you’ll seem desperate and slimy.
– Do not force a compliment. If she’s digging for validation, don’t give in. Take your time and come up with something meaningful.

Last tip: After the compliment, don’t stand there awkwardly or wait for her to reciprocate. Keep the conversation going as if nothing ever happened.

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