Is He Right for You? 10 Relationship Red Flags to Watch For

A guy who looks like he may be a little full of himself, definitely a dating red flag.

Before you decide that he’s the one, watch out for these 10 relationship red flags. If he’s showing any of these behaviors, throw him back and find yourself a new catch:

1) He doesn’t like his family.

If the family dynamics are a constant source of tension and anger, he’s coming to you with extra baggage. Although they might not be a huge problem early in the relationship, family issues have a way of interfering with important relationship milestones down the road.

2) He MUST have a drink everyday.

Watch out for substance abuse–of any kind. If he needs [insert substance] to function, he has some big issues that should be sorted out prior to long-term commitment.

3) He badmouths his exes.

If you two decide to call it quits, he’ll be airing your private relationship business, too. Anyone who kisses and tells beyond the sixth grade lacks manners and, more importantly, maturity.

4) He brings up sex on the first date.

If he brings up bedroom talk on the first date, he’s probably not looking for a relationship. Lewd jokes and too much hands-on attention are other tip offs that he’s more interested in sexy time than getting to know you.

5) He’s weird with his phone.

Does it seem like he shields his phone from you? Does he have several levels of password protection? What about late night calls? If you’re noticing some sneaky behavior with the cell phone, he’s probably hiding something.

6) He’s only interested in your appearance.

Endless compliments about your body, yet he can’t seem to find something nice to say about your other awesome attributes? It’s probably because he’s not focused on who you are–just what you look like. If you are going to find love and stay in love, you’ll need more than just a physical connection.

7) He doesn’t stick up for you.

If he lets someone disrespect you or make you feel uncomfortable, he’s not worth your time. A great partner watches out for you and prioritizes your happiness and well being. Before getting serious, make sure you know that he’s on your side.

8) He doesn’t “fight fair”.

Does he bring up old fights or resort to name calling? If so, your partner has not developed important communication skills. If he gets defensive or is more interested in “winning” the argument, plan for extra hurdles before reaching a solution.

9) Date night involves late night sleepovers only.

If this is your “relationship”, it’s time to find a new one.

10) He talks over you.

How will he learn anything about you if he’s not listening? Don’t be a supporting actor in your date’s one-man show. If he’s only interested in talking about himself, it’s time to move on.

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