The Best Cities for Singles Who Are Open-Minded

A gay couple on a date in an open-minded city.

When it comes to finding love, some people are more flexible on dating criteria than others; our latest study identified where these open-minded daters live. For our study, open-mindedness specifically describes how willing a person is to date someone different from himself of herself. So what are the best cities for singles who are open-minded? You may be surprised.

After using advanced data technology to analyze nearly 1 million user conversations, our brilliant data nerds captured the following results:

Final Zoosk_Most-and-Least-Understanding-Top-Cities-Infographic_Web_4.14.14


If your city didn’t score highly on open-mindedness overall, you might find it ranked on specific dating criteria. We picked our hottest topics and figured out where the most and least open-minded singles live across the US.


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