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What Going Stag Means and How to Own It

A girl who knows what going stag means, sitting alone at a wedding and cheersing the people around her.

There are so many dating terms to keep up with these days. Each year, it seems like there are at least a few new terms in the dating lexicon. Ghosting, swiping, situationship, FWB, and even dating app are all terms that have become front of mind in recent years.

But on the flipside, some dating terms have been around forever and seem to be here to stay. “Going stag” is an expression that has been around for ages—something you may have heard your parents or grandparents say, however it remains a relevant dating term today.

In case you’re unaware, going stag means going solo, or attending an event alone. Stag doesn’t exclusively apply to the dating world, though it is frequently used to describe someone attending a potentially romantic event by themselves.

“Are you bringing anyone to Kelly’s wedding next month?”
“Nah, I’m going stag.”

Going stag doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are so many ways to own the situation. Not everyone is going to be comfortable showing up to an event by themselves, but there are definitely pros to being alone. Here are a few common occurrences in which going stag can be super fun.

A Wedding
So you need a plus one but don’t have anyone to take along with you? Turns out, you’re going stag to this wedding. Here’s why it can potentially be even more fun than going with a date: you can meet people! Of course you can meet people with or without a date, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve gone stag.

Going to a wedding alone can feel a little funny, but you’ll likely be placed at a table with other single people, which means tons of time to mingle. The other perks of going to a wedding by yourself? No need to coordinate outfits, schedules, pick-up times, or after-party plans. Not to mention baby-sitting someone at the party. The night is entirely yours. If you aren’t having a good time, you can bail after cake. If you are having a blast, hit the dance floor and the after party. Your time is your own.

A Work Event
It can feel super isolating to be the only single person in your office. Work events are awkward enough, and having someone to bring along with you can certainly feel like a much needed comfort. That being said, going stag to a work event can be great. First of all, you finally have the chance to talk to those people that are just out of reach on a regular basis. If you don’t sit next to someone, or if they work on another team, you may never get the chance to chat with someone that has the potential to be a great friend or resource for you. Work events are great for networking.

Don’t feel like working? Going stag at a work event can also open you up to the chance that someone else is single and has potentially had their eye on you. You never know who you may meet or connect with, even at work. (As long as it’s allowed!) The ultimate perk, once again, is your time is your own. When you go stag to any event, you can come and go as you please.

A Friend’s Party
Similarly to a wedding, but with much less pressure, going stag to a friend’s party can be really fun. Show up when you want, dress how you’d like, hang out with just your friends, or meet new people. Really going stag is all about working with your own schedule to do exactly what you’d like to do. Though you still have to be considerate of your friends’ party (don’t show up three hours late if it’s more structured than that), your choices are primarily your own. You can be the life of the party or you can be a wallflower who only wants to interact with their own friends. Do whatever you want! You’re going stag!

Going stag may mean you have to go out alone, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Being dateless in a romantic or coupled up setting can be tough, but remember to let loose, meet new people, and have fun.

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