Study Reveals the Kissing Tips You Need to Know

Kissing tips on how to lock lips right.

Everyone remembers their first kiss. Whether it was a long-awaited passionate situation or a dare in your friend’s basement, you’ll never forget your first make out. Since then, your technique has probably evolved. But, do you know how to kiss the right way?

After polling nearly 3000 respondents, a recent Zoosk study found that 92% of men and 87% of women are fans of the French kiss. Both groups rated it as their favorite type of kiss, outscoring the friendly peck and the semi-kinky vampire kiss. Given its popularity, it’s time to up your kissing game with these kissing tips.

To have the best kiss possible, you MUST have fresh breath. Both men and women ranked bad breath as their biggest turnoff when it came to kissing.

Pop a mint or chew some gum before smooching. If you’re worried about your breath, you’re more likely to commit a second kiss foul—opening your eyes while kissing—to see if your partner notices anything funky.

Kissing properly is about more than your mouth. Use your body. As you step closer to your partner, hold his or her face with one hand, while moving your other hand to the lower back. If your date isn’t sure if you’re interested, your kiss should resolve any doubts.

Your partner will probably kiss you the way he or she likes to be kissed. If there’s nibbling involved, don’t be afraid to reciprocate. If your date is pulling away, you should cool your jets and reconsider your enthusiasm. Mirror your partner’s kissing style to guarantee fantastic kissing chemistry.

Finally, take your time. Instead of trying to see where the kiss will take you, let the kiss be its own main event. Kissing is a chance for you to learn more about your partner. If the body language is shy or sheepish, slow it down. If the kissing is slow and intense, it’s safe to say that you have your date’s attention.

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