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11 Reasons a Guy Best Friend Is the Best Best Friend

A girl with her guy best friend, making a funny face while wearing similar hats and sunglasses.

Yes—men and women can be friends without any sexual tension in the way. Sometimes a relationship does happen, but there are plenty of times when you both acknowledge that the relationship is more like siblings than anything else.

Even if you’ve had to battle the “when will you two just admit you’re in love” questions from your relatives, guy best friends really are the best friends you could have. Here’s why every girl will benefit from having a guy best friend.

1. They’re brutally honest with you.
A guy you’re dating may be afraid to approach sensitive topics with you. They know you don’t want to hear that a particular outfit isn’t flattering. But a guy best friend who’s known you for some time knows that the truth is better than a lie. They’ll tell you if something looks off, or if a certain color fits you better, and they’ll say it because they legitimately want your date with that guy online to be the best it can be.

2. They can help you with your dating life.
If you need a guy’s perspective on a particular interaction, he’s right there. Not only will he decode anything you need, but he’ll give his own advice on the best ways to win your date over. The only problem? You’re going to have to convince that date that there’s really nothing going on between you. A few meet-ups with your BFF, and they’ll be more at ease.

3. He’s always down to hang out.
If you had a last-minute cancellation, your best guy friend will be honored to fill that space. Have a date that backed out last minute? Well, your BFF would be more than happy to take you out for a beer to get your mind off of it.

4. Need moving help? He’s your guy.
Moving is awful, but it’s slightly better knowing that your BFF will help out the day of. Most guys are great with packing up boxes and moving heavier items. They might not even see it as being too much of a chore. And if your BFF isn’t into that kind of stuff, at least they’ll help keep you occupied while movers take over.

5. He’ll always do his best to protect you.
This guy has your back. Since you’re like a sister to him, he’ll treat you the way he treats family. He’ll make sure no guy in your friend circle ever treats you poorly and isn’t afraid to tell you if you’re dating someone who’s not worthy of your time. If you think you might be dating a creep, just have him meet your BFF—they’ll be able to tell you for sure.

6. He’s a built-in event date.
Yes, you’ll get a lot of people thinking you’re an item. But because he’s the world’s best wedding date, you’ll willing to explain your situation a half dozen times to family members and acquaintances. If you ever have a plus one, your guy is honored to sub in and make things a lot more enjoyable for you. Even if you’re happy being single, stuff like this is more fun when he’s around.

7. You’re more at ease with guys thanks to him.
Since you talk to him all the time, you find it much easier to talk to online matches you may make. In fact, thanks to him, the whole process of dating has been pretty smooth. You’re not afraid to be yourself and casually and comfortably talk to a guy.

8. Plus, you save him a lot of time when he’s out with someone new.
Girls are much better at finding red flags than guys are. You’ll be able to tell him if his new girlfriend is a little off the second you meet her. But if he dates someone you actually really like, you’re quick to point it out. Every new significant other is like adding one more person to the “group,” so your screening process is vital.

9. A guy BFF will help you take life less seriously.
Guys are usually pretty easy-going. Even though they’re known for avoiding a lot of the emotional labor, the upside to that is that when you hang out, he’ll give you a break from the 18 other tasks on your mind right now. Life is obviously an important thing, but he’ll be the one to remind you that it’s not all work and obligations.

10. You don’t have to dress up for him when you hang out.
If this were your boyfriend, you might want to make sure your legs met with a razor at least once in the last few days. But if your guy BFF wants to hang out, all you need to grab is your hoodie and you’re out the door. In doing this, you’ll also gain a lot of confidence in yourself and your natural appearance. Honestly, makeup is fun, but you’re beautiful without it.

11. Your parents love him.
It’s almost like the son they never had (or, an additional son they happen to admire.) They know he has nothing but good intentions when it comes to you, and they know he’s in the friendship for all the right reasons. It’s possible they’ve known him since he was little, and are also quite familiar with his family and background. Any time your parents approve of a friend, you know you’re in a good situation.

If your best friend happens to be a guy, consider yourself lucky. Even if he seems a little harsh about your boyfriends, it’s because he really cares about you. This guy would never stand you up, and would always be truthful, even if he knows it might temporarily hurt. Your friendship is so strong that it can survive almost anything.

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