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How Twin Flame Love Is Different Than Any Other Relationship

Young happy couple embracing each other and experiencing twin flame love.

Twin flame is the term used to describe someone who’s more than simply a soulmate but your soul’s mirror. The energy around this person aligns with your body, heart, and mind.

The purpose of having a twin flame is to awaken us like never before and to show us who we really are.

How can you tell if you’ve found your twin flame?

You feel like you’ve known this person your whole life. It could be a life-long friend or a person you’ve recently crossed paths with. There is a deep familiarity with this person upon meeting; you just feel like this person gets you.

They may come in and out of your life. Your energy with this person tends to have a on-again-off-again style; you both are building a strong connection and then it gets too much for one person to handle, ending abruptly, and usually for a short-term period. However, you always feel pulled back into this person’s life without understanding how it happened. It feels like a natural response.

Your meeting this person signifies a period in your life where you were going through an intense change. When you met or reunited with your twin flame, you could’ve been starting a new job, moving, leaving a toxic friendship or relationship, or dealing with a loss. Depending on where you both are in your lives, this can spark intense passionate or painful emotions.

You feel like you two both share a deep, spiritual connection. The bond is so intense that you always feel pulled back into them. You often feel like it was destined for you two to meet.

You’ve adapted into a perspective way of thinking. Your twin flame could be the one to help you believe in yourself, get over past mistakes, or see the world and the universe from a fresh set of eyes. The conversations are endless with this person, and you feel like you can talk to them forever about anything.

Your twin flame shows you everything that needs to be healed within yourself. They play a strong role in both of your spiritual journeys. They do this by helping you understand yourself much more. You unconsciously teach one another how you think and behave.

You sometimes feel like you two met at the wrong time, such as when you were in a relationship or going through a traumatic experience.

You two are more than lovers. You consider your twin flame to also be your close friend, mentor, spirit animal, or like family. You see this person on multiple intimate levels, and think of them in many different ways.

Your twin flame is like a mirror to you. For example, you may have similar interests but also share the same short-temper, which can cause you to clash. Remember, mirrors are a reflection of you, the good and the not so good qualities.

In this sense, your twin flame can show you something you want to change about yourself. The traits of your personality that you once didn’t notice are now in the forefront, and you can thank your new mirror for that. You get to see yourself in a whole new light and in a way that other people see you.

You both feel like you’re in sync. It’s like having a telepathic friend, where you can think what they’re feeling and immediately understand how they’re feeling. With just one look or one thought about you before they called, you two can often understand one another without having to explain anything.

You both have many similarities. This could be commonalities such as the types of foods you like, a similar belief system, desires, or the same zodiac/birth year. As you get to know one another over time, you’ll learn that you both have more in common than at first glance.

Unlike soul mates, twin flames do not complete each other. A twin flame comes from the idea that the ‘soul’ is already complete; you meet this person to aid you in your own life purpose and personal/spiritual growth.

Once you’ve found your twin flame, you will feel the most intense feelings of your life, a deeper bond, and a new layer of yourself will be revealed.

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