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Our Complete Guide On How To Spot Fake Dating Profiles

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Online dating has become one of the go-to methods to meet someone in today’s fast-paced society. But it isn’t without its difficulties! If you’re searching for love online, chances are you’ve come across a few fake dating profiles. Or do you find it tricky to spot them?

To help you tell a real person from a phony, we’ve put together a list of red flags to watch out for. That way you can say goodbye to time wasters and only focus on genuine connections, ones that have potential. 

Fake Dating Profiles: Red Flags to Watch Out For

There’s a limited number of photos on their profile

While a limited number of photos on someone’s dating profile doesn’t automatically prove that you’re falling for a fraud, it’s definitely a red flag.

Everyone knows that their profile photos will be the first thing that catches someone’s attention, and choosing the perfect pictures can be tricky! That’s why fake dating profiles aim to use attractive photos to lure you in. But how do you know if that photo is really of them?

As a rule of thumb, profiles containing more photos are less likely to be a scam. But if you’re feeling unsure about the identity of who you’re speaking to, ask them to send you another photo. Maybe even request a photo of them doing something specific, such as holding up a piece of paper with their name on it, so you know they can’t have gotten this online. Or why not ask them to video chat? 

Their profile isn’t linked to any social media accounts 

Almost all online dating profiles are linked to a few social media accounts. So if someone is unwilling to connect on any other platform, it’s a little fishy. If you realize that there is no way for you to verify that the person who you’re talking to is real, then that’s a red flag that they might not be.

Sure, maybe they just want to keep their social media accounts private. But if you ask to connect on Instagram or Facebook and they continually refuse,  then maybe they’re hiding something. If you’re really invested in this connection, be honest with them about how this is making you question them. And if they still refuse? We suggest pursuing another match, one that is excited to get to know you. 

They won’t reveal anything about themselves

There’s nothing better than chatting with a potential match who seems genuinely interested in you. However, if you feel that this attention is only coming your way because your match doesn’t want to reveal anything about themselves, then you could be in a pickle.

If you realize that the person you’re talking to doesn’t seem to answer any questions about themselves, re-evaluate why that is. Often times these fake dating profiles will shift the conversation to manipulating their target. Don’t fall prey to someone giving you the attention you deserve. 

Instead, direct the question right back at them and make sure you receive a response that you’re comfortable with. The last thing anyone wants is to tell someone their whole life story to find out that they were talking to a complete fake. Even worse? Some fake dating profiles don’t just try to scam you of your secrets, but of your money too.

Fake dating profiles love making excuses

Catfish are notorious for standing people up. Is your online crush constantly making excuses as to why they can’t meet in person? Or maybe they keep declining your video calls? If you’re looking to take this relationship into the real world, then this isn’t the response you should be looking for.

Sure, meeting in person for the first time can be nerve-wracking. But if you feel that their crazy excuses and rescheduling are less to do with first-date butterflies and more to do with their revealing true identity, you should probably take a step back. 

While online dating may have simplified your search for love, it doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy – dating never is! But the truth is that most people who date online are doing so with good intentions. So take note of our basic guidelines and most of all have fun! 

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