7 Tips for Creating Short Dating Profiles

Creating a short dating profile isn’t easy.  With strict character limits, crafting the perfect bio can be a daunting task, but it’s far from impossible. Today I’ll be sharing my five favorite tips for creating short dating profiles.

1. Dating profiles are all about the photos.
This shouldn’t be a surprise, but your photo choices are critical. If you don’t have at least four great photos, you’re going to have a tough time.  For those of you out there that don’t have hundreds of magazine quality photos, enlist friends or a photographer for help.

2. Tell a story.
If you’re hauntingly good looking, four to eight selfies may do the trick for you, but for the rest of us normal folk, it’s going to take a bit more work. Each photo should be a piece of your story. One of your first photos needs to be a clear headshot. After all, you’re the main character.

The rest of the photos should should be active shots: either, hanging out with friends, or engaging your interests. Travel and adventure pictures are ideal, but your choices are only limited to your imagination.

3. Make sure there are no weak links.
As I always tell clients, you’re only as good as your worst picture. In the world of dating apps, you’re dealing with short attention spans. If any of your pictures show you short of your best, pick another one.

4. Use captions for your pictures.
The more words in your profile, the easier it is for someone to strike up a conversation. Captions help give your photos a little extra life. Bonus points if your caption can win a laugh or two. 

5. Don’t neglect your bio.
With a short dating profile, the written bio isn’t as impactful as your photos, but it’s still a non-negotiable. Grammar, positivity, and intrigue are all factors that will bump up your profile in the dateability ranks.

6. Quirky is good.
Because of small character counts, it’s okay to be quirky or playful in order to get noticed. Try different bio templates, like a “this over that” setup or writing in all lower-case.

7. Focus on your biggest strength.
Being funny over text is difficult. A good way to keep your profile lighthearted is to focus on your passions and objective details without taking yourself too seriously.

“Advancing my music career, by selling one bottle of boutique holistic skincare package at a time. If you’re looking for a meaningful connection or are prepared to date a non-DJ musician, I’m your ticket. Otherwise, I can get you 10% off on your next mud mask.”

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