5 Ways to Recognize Your Life Partner

Two men who are life partners standing against a wall and laughing together in their engagement photos.

Whatever step you’re at in your relationship, however serious you may or may not be, the inevitable question lingers: Are they the one? Off hand you may think things like, “I just love them,” or, “We just click”—and while these are definite ways to know you and your significant other work, there’s a little bit more to it. By looking for the right signs, you can start to figure out if you two are on the path to forever together.

Here are a few of the signs that you’re with the right one:

You share similar hopes for the future.
What do you want for your life? Think long term, financially, lifestyle, children, marriage, etc. What are the goals you see yourself working towards over time and does your partner share them? If you’re unsure, it’s important that you bring them up. Your hopes and dreams are a big part of who you are, and sharing that with the person you’re closest to is important.

You can both admit mistakes when you’re wrong.
Being in love is beautiful, but it certainly isn’t perfect. Having a healthy and true love means being true to yourself and the one who loves you. Be willing to admit that someone doesn’t always have to be right and talk through the problems that come your way in a healthy way. Admire the faults your partner has, and let them admire yours.

They’re your biggest fan.
Having a partner who’s constantly cheering you on, whether it be in the game or from the sidelines, is huge. If they’re willing to work through the good and bad with you and support you in your endeavors, then keep them around. Someone who loves you will want what’s best for you and will be there every step of the way.

You can both be your true selves together.
When you’ve found the one, you’ll feel complete in the way that you don’t have to hide who you are from them. There is no piece of you that needs to be hidden because you feel accepted by your love. Being in a relationship with no pretenses allows you to be open and honest.

You both feel genuinely happy.
Feeling happy is a broad statement, there is so much that can affect the joy you feel. When both partners share the mindset that their partners happiness comes first, you both win. Working to provide the best for the one you love in all aspects is a sign of unconditional love because this means you’re willing to sacrifice and put your partners needs above your own when necessary.

Seeing these things come forward in your relationship could be a huge sign that the two of you are right for one another. A soulmate should compliment you in many ways and when they do it will feel like you’ve known one another forever. Don’t be afraid to go with your heart, it will know.

Shayla Ahrns

Freelance Writer

Shayla Ahrns discovered her love of words at a young age and hasn’t stopped writing since. An avid dater with a great sense of humor, Shayla considers herself a bit of a dating app expert and loves to share the woes of her love life. She has written her own blog over the years and self published a book of poetry in 2017.

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