Alone on a Friday Night? 7 Ways to Have the Best Time

A woman who's alone on a Friday night, drinking wine in bed.

Friday night sounds like the be-all, end-all of nights out. There’s a lot of pressure to make super exciting plans on a Friday night—especially if you’re single. For a long time, there was a stigma around staying in on a Friday night, but that’s changing.

More people are craving “me” time, prioritizing themselves, and realizing that Friday night is just another night of the week. And that one of the best ways to spend it is by yourself. Here’s what to do if you’re alone on a Friday night but still want to have a great time.

Make yourself dinner at home.
And treat it like an event. Find a recipe you’ve been wanting to try and stop by the market on your way home from work for ingredients. Put on your feel-good playlist, make yourself a fancy cocktail, and whip up a nice dinner. Cheers to you.

Or, take yourself out to dinner.
Dining by yourself is one of the most pleasant experiences a single person—or any person, for that matter—can have. Rather than seeing it as a lonely activity, think of it as some quality time with yourself. You get to choose the wine, you don’t have to share the bread basket, and you can take home all of the leftovers.

Work out.
Friday night is the ideal time to work out. You won’t have to fight anyone for your favorite machine at the gym and your usually-crowded workout class will be practically empty. The endorphins will wash away any hesitations you had about spending Friday night alone.

Clean and organize your place.
Does your bathtub need a good scrub? Break out the rubber gloves and get to it. Have you been meaning to learn the KonMari Method of tidying? Go full Marie Kondo on your closets and drawers. Cleaning and organizing might not be the most obvious Friday night activity, but it’s as good a time as ever to get your place into tip-top shape.

Catch up with an old friend.
Even though it seems like everyone else has exciting Friday night plans, more people stay in than you might think. If you’re overdue to catch up with someone, give them a call and see if they’re free to talk. Your oldest friend, your college roommate, and your parents would love to hear from you, and reconnecting will make you feel good.

Make something with your hands.
Doodle in your sketchbook, paint a picture, or finally build that IKEA side table. Doing something creative is both extremely satisfying and stress-relieving. Plus, you’ll have something to show for it when you’re finished.

Get some sleep.
Tired from a long week? Go to bed early. We promise you won’t miss
anything. Make turning in feel extra special with ear plugs, a sleep mask, and a calming scented pillow spray.

Spending a Friday night alone is one of the most refreshing, rewarding things you can do for yourself. However you spend it, make sure to do something that you want to do.

Elizabeth Entenman

Freelance Writer

Elizabeth is a freelance writer, editor, and advertising copywriter in Brooklyn. Right now, she’s probably somewhere Instagramming her dogs.

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