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How to Really Live the Single Life

A woman who is happy living the single life smiling up at the sky why sitting on a patch of green grass.

When you think of living the single life, you probably picture serial dating, non-stop partying, and late nights out on the town. While that may be how some people live the single life, there’s so much more to it than that. The real key to living the single life is building a relationship with yourself, tending to yourself, and loving yourself.

Here are a few ways to live your best single life:

1. Embrace your single status.
Define what single means to you and totally own it. Wear it as a badge of honor. Don’t let your engaged friends or your prying family members deter you from being single and proud of it. Being single means you’re independent—and that’s awesome!

2. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have.
Single people are often depicted as lacking. We focus on what they’re missing, be it a partner or children, rather than celebrating what they do have. Instead of dwelling on what you’re missing, take stock of all the things that make your single life great. Recently get a promotion at work? Have a loyal group of friends? Proud of your passion for volunteering? Those things are just as important, if not more important, than being in a relationship.

3. Spend more time alone.
That might not sound like the advice you’d expect to hear. But spending time alone is the best way to get to know yourself. So if you’re truly going to embrace your single status, put some alone time on the books. See a movie matinee alone. Dare to dine solo. Go for a long walk with just your thoughts. The more you get to know yourself, the happier you’ll be.

4. Be more spontaneous.
Because one day, you might not be afforded the same flexibility.

5. Travel. A lot.
That country you’ve always wanted to visit? Or that road trip you’ve always wanted to take? Go for it! That friend you haven’t seen since college? Go visit them! It’s much easier for single people to just get up and go. So why not do it? Again, later in life, you might not have the same freedom to do so.

6. Move around.
When you’re single, you have much less tying you down to one particular place. Which is why you should move around and experience life in different places. Depending on what you do for work, you could move cities every few years, or hop from place to place even sooner than that. It’s easier to pick up and replant roots when you only have yourself to worry about.

7. Say yes more.
We often limit ourselves by judging people, places, and experiences too quickly. What would happen if you said yes and embraced what you wouldn’t normally choose more often? You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn, or where you’ll end up.

If you really want to live the single life, take chances and allow yourself to experience as much life as possible. Some day, if you want to settle down and start a family, you’ll look back fondly on your single years and be glad that you did.

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