7 Gifs About Being Single on Valentine’s Day

A single woman who's alone on Valentines Day holding sad looking flowers in front of her face.

Everybody around you is in love and you’re alone in your apartment watching a ‘House Hunters’ marathon in your pajamas.  Get ready for an emotional roller-coaster of a day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Everybody around you is talking about their romantic nights out.


And your newsfeed is filled with date pics that you’re forced to like.


You look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘will I be alone forever?’


You try to tell yourself you’re happy being single, but don’t believe it.


So you start to blame yourself.


You go to bed alone wishing you had someone to cuddle with.


And then you wake up and the nightmare is over. It’s February 15th, and it’s okay to be single again.  So you celebrate by stuffing your face with all the discounted chocolate you can find.



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