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Single Life in Your 30s

A woman enjoying single life in your 30s by laughing in the wind.

A lot of people will try to tell you that being single past your 20s should raise concern. They’ll remind you of your biological clock, they will say that your standards are too high, and they’ll even take a stab at crushing your dreams of finding that one-of-a-kind relationship. But single life in your 30s isn’t everything people say it is. 

Many articles warn that the dating odds don’t work in favor of those in their 30s, but the fact is that millennial marriage rates are dropping across the board and your 30s may actually be the best time to look for someone. 

In light of all the external pressure that you may feel to jump into a relationship, we put together a list of all the absolutely awesome things about single life in your 30s.

1. People don’t ask about your dating life as much.
By 30, you’ve made it past the threshold where all your family expects from you is to settle down. Instead, you have a lot more going on they can ask about and seeing you in a relationship becomes more of a latent wish. Sure, they’ll wonder why you haven’t found someone who wants to commit, but at least there will be no more dodging questions about failed relationships or “that nice person from church.”

2. You’re a little less poor.
Relationships are expensive. You spend money on gifts, dates, and everything in between. When you’re single, you’re basically cutting your expenses in half, which gives you more money to put towards other things, like your student loans or that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

3. You’re at the peak of the freedom curve.
There’s a sweet spot right in the middle of life when your parents can no longer tell you what to do, professors have no power over you, and there’s no partner in your life to demand things like sacrifice and compromise. If you’re single in your 30s, you are right in the midst of that glorious time. Try not to take it for granted.

4. You make the rules.
Your 20s taught you some valuable lessons. Now, you get to map out the direction of your life with some knowledge under your belt. You get to make the rules with no one around to alter them in any way. So, eat that dessert, stay out late, dance with everyone in the nightclub. What you’re experiencing is the epitome of freedom. Relish it before someone comes along and starts asking you to share your last bite of food.

5. You’re only accountable for yourself.
Let’s be honest—life is hard. You have to balance waking up on time, eating balanced meals, getting all your work done, making time for friends, and getting enough sleep. Imagine doing this times two: that’s a relationship. Right now, you have the opportunity to do all those weird things you only do when no one else is around. Get them out of your system before someone starts crowding your personal space.

6. You get to keep that single figure.
Relationship duration is directly correlated with increased waist size (it’s science). It’s easy to get comfortable, start eating out more, spend less time at the gym, and, subsequently, rack up ten extra pounds. But not you, you’ve dodged that bullet (for now). You hold onto that single figure as long as you possibly can.

7. You’re the enviable friend.
During a period when most of your friends will spend their time splurging on weddings, chasing after babies, and figuring out their new tax bracket, you’re roaming about, living life as you please. You get to share exciting stories with friends about a life they once knew, and they’ll live vicariously through you as they try their best to conceal envy.

8. You get to enjoy being you.
In your 20s, you’re kind of fumbling around trying to figure things out. By your 30s, you’ve got a grasp on who you are and what you have to offer. It’s a beautiful time, and you get to spend it all with yourself.

You’ve reached this point after a lot of growth and hard lessons. Give yourself the time to celebrate that—you’ve earned it.

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