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10 Times You Thought Your Best Friend Might Be Your Real Soulmate

Best friends

Best friends. They just get you. Not only that, they love you for the hot mess that you are. You could go weeks or months without talking to your bestie and then receive a cryptic inside-joke-of-a-text from her reminding you why this person is your everything. In fact, sometimes you have to wonder if you’ve already found “The One”—and it’s your best friend.

In honor of Best Friend’s Day, here are 10 times you’ve questioned just how platonic those warm fuzzy feelings are for your BFF.

The first time you met, you just knew.


Maybe you had a brief exchange in high school and saw that she, too, had a JC Chasez shrine in her locker. Maybe she dropped a Wayne’s World reference in a meeting and you locked eyes. Either way, you knew: She had to be your friend or you might die.

She laughs at all your jokes.


You love puns. The cheesier the better. Everyone groans when you make one. Everyone, that is, except for your best friend. She thinks you’re the punniest.

She tells it like it is.


What’s a shopping trip without your best friend? No dressing room fashion shows, and no one to tell you, in the most sensitive way possible, that drop waists are not your friend.

She never judges you.


You’ve made some questionable life decisions. Dating that psychic who works out of your apartment building. Trying that all-sugar diet. Your goth phase. Your best friend may have objected, but she supported you regardless. And when everything fell apart, she was there to pick up the pieces.

She’ll drop everything to be there for you when it matters.


She has kids. It’s a school night. Her big presentation is tomorrow. But you just got dumped HARD by the man you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You don’t even have to ask. She’s there with a bottle of wine and a bucket of ice cream and the complete Sex and the City box set.

There are no boundaries.


Have you talked about the consistency of your stool? Have you had a deep conversation with her while on the toilet? Did you tell her your most embarrassing sex story when THAT THING THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED happened? You’re way past boundaries. The boundary line is a dot to you.

You’re secretly a little bit attracted to her.


At some point one or both of you have made the uncomfortable realization that you’d totally hit that (if you went that way).

Your family loves her.


Your family is grade A crazy and they’ve rejected every suitor that’s come around since, well, ever. But they’re even more bonkers about your friend. They ask about her every time you talk. They invite her over even when you’re not around. In fact, sometimes you wonder if they don’t like her a little bit more than they do you.

You actually get butterflies when you see her.


You’ve been friends for what feels like forever, but your heart still does a little flip every time she walks in your door. You can’t help it! How do you not get excited when you know you’re about to laugh until you pee your pants?

You don’t know what you’d do without her.


It’s hard to imagine what your life would be like if she weren’t around. In fact, thinking about it makes you way too emotional, so you have to stop. What you do know is that she has been there for you through sickness and health and unemployment and promotions and terrible boyfriends and potential life partners. She may not be the one you marry, but she’s absolutely your soulmate.

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